SA writer Joan McKenzie releases debut Christian novel, ‘Mary of Bethany’s Dream’

Joan McKenzie

In the South African Highveld coal mining community of Witbank, a diamond is found. Joan McKenzie has released her debut Christian novel, ‘Mary of Bethany’s Dream.’ It brings a refreshing and delightful panoramic view of Yeshua the boy, who becomes the Man of all Men.

McKenzie is of British descent, born and brought up in Africa, with the privilege of a good private education. Her love of reading and an appreciation of the power of words are central to her life. In 1973 she surrendered her life to Jesus.

Her target audience is a wide range of believers, from young to old;  it is for people interested in Jesus’ short but dynamic ministry. She presents this well-loved story from a Jewish perspective. ‘Mary Of Bethany’s Dream’ is a straightforward rendition of Mary’s childhood years as they could have unfolded.

Ever passionate for Jesus, McKenzie has made two recent visits to Israel to better enable her understanding of the rich history of the land. She has cleverly used this well researched historical background, and woven it into her living story. The book is not for study but for entertainment, whilst enlarging the reader’s knowledge of the Bible Land in the time of Jesus of Nazareth.

The three main episodes known of Jesus’ earlier years are incorporated in Book 1, namely: in the temple at 12 years old, the baptism by his cousin John, and the temptation in the Wilderness.

A capable public speaker, Joan says she is eager to attend book promotions to share her heart on how Mary’s life was destined to be involved with the boy from Galilee.

She can be reached via email at or via cellphone at 073 337 4543

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