South Africans invited to unite in 40 days of true worship

A call has been made for Christians to join to worship Jesus Christ in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:24) for 40 days (September 24 to November 3) all over South Africa but with a special focus of organised events in Cape Town.

Ït will be a time of focused and intense worship for the Church of Christ, and also a personal commitment between each worshipper and the Father, say the 40 Days of Worship organising team which is headed by Francis Lira, a missionary from Brazil who initiated the call to worship in response to prophetic visions he had in 2012 and 2015. He and the project team believe that the visions confirm other words spoken over South Africa going back over 108 years to the effect that the fire of God’s glory will ignite in Cape Town and spread throughout South Africa, through Africa and on to all nations.

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All activities — such as worshiping in malls and on beaches — planned by the organisers will be focused in and around Cape Town, however worshippers from other areas are encouraged to organise their own activities to worship Jesus where they are, and connect with the 40 Days of Worship Team in Cape Town to share their testimonies and participate in online teachings and community.

More information about 40 Days of Worship and on how to get involved is available on the website

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