Spirit of suicide will be targeted at repentance and prayer day in Malawi

National Repentance Malawi (NRM) believe that a high level of suicides currently reported in the country is a spiritual problem and have arranged a national repentance and prayer day on Friday September 25 to focus on this and other pressing issues, says national coordinator of NRM Bishop Edward Mikwamba.

Intercessors and church leaders will gather together at Kanthiti Conference Lodge in Chiladzulu in southern Malawi from 8am to 1pm to pray against the spirit of suicide according to 2 Chronicles 7:14, trusting God to bring heart transformation and healing as they repent and pray, he said.

He said intercessors are also urged to pray at home and in their offices for the repentance day topics. US ministries Pastor Jeff Nash Daly/ Global Day of Prayer and Pastor Sarah Bellinger/ Capitol Hill Ministry are partnering with them.

“We feel there is a spirit of death hovering of the country,” said Mikwamba, “and that we Christians have to arise and shine at this time.”

He said there is a heated debate in the country about a bill before parliament which seeks to liberalise abortion laws. Even some church leaders support the bill but NRM will pray against it “as we believe abortion goes against the biblical command against killing because life begins at conception”.

Arson has also been included on the list of prayer topics because of a practice of villagers burning each others’ homes over disputes. In an incident in northern Malawi 50 houses were torched and two people died, he said.

NRM is also praying for a stable weather pattern over 2020 and 2021 as they feel there is a spirit threatening flooding that needs to be checked.

On Saturday September 26 NRM representatives are going to Balaka to launch a youth lifeskills project and to thank God for healing people of Covid-19. Four thousand people have recovered from the disease while about 1 500 are still living with it. Currently no deaths are being reported most days.

In other upcoming repentance and prayer initiatives NRM are repenting on behalf of the nation of Africa from September 30 to October 4 and are going to Zambia for a repentance conference there on October 10.

The Africa prayer will focus on healing the nation of Africa, and repentance for bad governance, abortion, financial corruption, civil war and manipulation. Intercessors are asked to pray in churches, homes and offices. Prayer pointers will be available on the NRM website and on an Africa website whose details will be communicated soon.

At the repentance conference in Zambia prayers will target witchcraft, killing of innocence and issues of homosexuality.

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