Summit seeking national Kingdom consensus on land reform

Jan Oosthuizen.

The Christ-centered National Land Summit is calling South Africans with a Joshua-and-Caleb type of faith — who, when faced by giant challenges, remain assured that “if God is for us, who can be against us” (Rom 8:31) — to contribute towards a national Kingdom consensus for addressing land reform and rural systemic poverty.

Kingdom-minded, faith-filled, positive people who are active in their communities, building bridges and creating solutions to local challenges, are urged to attend the summit which is being co-hosted in Johannesburg by the New Nation Movement and Amos Agrimin from February 28 to March 1.

“We appreciate the obedience and work God has established in His people all over South Africa and believe that a cross-section of their contributions for overcoming the challenges that face agriculture and rural poverty will be invaluable,” says Jan Oosthuizen, organiser of the event and facilitator of the New Nation Movement agricultural think-tank

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“It is our desire to have a full representation of South African society and explore alternative and radical (win-win) Kingdom solutions and formulate a consensus and resolution at this summit, which will be representative of the Christian voice, to take hands with existing structures working towards tangible solutions to address the inequalities and restrains experienced in agriculture and rural communities.”

Oosthuizen explains that the consensus that the summit is aiming to encourage is based on mutual respect, understanding, and a shared concern for the wellbeing of all of South Africa’s people.

“In a country with such a high poverty rate and extreme inequality, we agree that the needs of the people deserve our utmost attention.

“A growing sensitivity about economic inclusion, particularly with regards to land redistribution, is central in our focus.

“This is not only for the purpose of greater benefit-sharing in respect of land and land ownership, but also to reposition agriculture in South Africa as a key driver of growth, development and reconciliation.

Agent of reconciliation
“We see this initiative of the people’s consensus as an ‘agent of reconciliation’ and a catalyst to turn the land issue into an opportunity, not a crisis.

“We have selected prominent speakers who are already implementing transformation on the ground, to give direction, but there will be sufficient time for input from all participants.

“South Africa needs a plan, and the people with a heart to execute it,” emphasises Oosthuizen.

He explains that conference organisers see the Christ-centred focus, not as a religious sentiment, but as a sound biblical Judeo-Christian worldview founded on the ethical, values-driven, moral character of the person of Jesus Christ.

“We believe most of the hurts of the past, were due to a misrepresentation of the nature, and heart of Christ.”

Oosthuizen says agriculture is diverse and hence divided. There has not been enough dialogue between the different sectors, so the conference organisers have tried to incorporate different models and aspects of the agricultural value chain towards addressing the questions of land reform and rural poverty.

The speakers and topics will highlight examples of hope and practical solutions that have already been implemented.

“We believe God has raised up leaders who have already executed Kingdom models of hope and restoration all over our nation!

River of promise
“It is our intention to unite all the small streams of hope, which are already flowing throughout South Africa, into a river of promise that will overcome the negativity that is so prevalent.

“While we recognise that our challenges as a country are significant, we want to face them with a positive attitude in faith. We believe that there are likeminded individuals in every sector and area of South African society who want to take hands and work together to overcome our problems.

“We intend to conduct more and more summit-type events in all the provinces to start dialogue, foster trust, and build a national cohesion based on the values and character of Christ.

“It is time that we raise a collective banner of hope for the world to see,” says Oosthuizen.

Each invited speaker will get 15 minutes to disclose the work of God in their life, ministry or business, with an added 10 minutes for questions and answers. The floor will be open for the cross-section of participants to add to the progressive revelation.

“Therefore, those attending should be open to learn, unlearn and relearn,” says Oosthuizen.

The summit will be held at Every Nation Church, 20A 7th Avenue Rosebank, Johannesburg on Thursday February 28 (from 12pm) to Friday March 1 (closing at 1pm). Early bird tickets are available at R200 until tomorrow (February 22). Late registration costs R250. More information is available from Johan Oosthuizen at 083 230 8804.


One Comment

  1. Gerhard Oosthuizen

    Good morning.
    This is a good initiative and I pray that there will be a great outcome from this meeting. If I could, I would have attended. I am not a key figure in my community and you should include the “people on the ground” like me, as there cannot only be leaders, but the workforce lack. Blessings with the summit.

    Past. Gerhard