Surprise family car for family lifestyle station!

Clair Arthur (Kingfisher FM Programme Manager) and Reza Ebrahim (Eastern Cape Fiat & Alfa Dealer Principal)

Eastern Cape family lifestyle radio station, Kingfisher FM, received a welcome surprise this week in the form of a sponsored family car from Eastern Cape Fiat and Alfa.

The car dealership manager Reza Ebrahim took Kingfisher FM by surprise when out-of-the-blue he presented them with a brand new Fiat Linea on a one year sponsorship.

‘I’ve been following the station’s progress over the past few years with keen interest’, said Ebrahim.  ‘They’re putting out an awesome family product, and seeing their new line-up which was launched this week, we at Eastern Cape Fiat and Alfa immediately knew this is something we’d like to support.  Our Fiat-range of vehicles is perfect for the family-market & definitely complements Kingfisher FM’s family lifestyle radio.  Quality brands go together,’ he said smilingly.

Kingfisher FM was delighted by Eastern Cape Fiat & Alfa’s surprise sponsorship.  ‘Our intention is to provide family radio for the families of Nelson Mandela Bay & surrounding country towns.  We do wholesome radio with lots of information on what is going on where we live & work & play’, said Theunis Pienaar, the station’s general manager.  ‘Reza’s surprise sponsorship is inspirational.  We won’t be able to provide this high quality radio if it weren’t for businesses like Eastern Cape Fiat & Alfa who just come to us & help us develop & grow.  They inspire us to keep it up & continue to grow.’

The sponsored Fiat Linea will be visible across Nelson Mandela Bay & even in surrounding country towns, throughout the year, as Kingfisher FM DJ’s visit schools, Churches and events, getting to know their listeners & spending time with family-people.

‘We hope, through our support, that Kingfisher FM will keep on growing,’ said Ebrahim, dealer principal of Eastern Cape Fiat & Alfa.  ‘We’re fortunate to have this kind of family-product for our city & surrounds.  It answers a definite need in our radio landscape.’

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