Survey highlights growing Kingdom focus in SA workplace

Call42 team members (from left) Johannes Wolmarans, Emma van der Merwe, Karin van der Westhuizen and Steven van Tonder.

South African Christians are becoming more Kingdom-focused at work but need help with finding true purpose in the workplace.

This is one of the findings of Christian marketplace initiative Call 42, which has conducted a national survey that explores the issues and obstacles that Christians experience in living a calling at work.

The survey also shows that the marketplace needs a shift towards kingdom focus and revival, and that churches need training in equipping business leaders and employees for workplace ministry, says Call 42 in an executive report on the poll that has just been published.

The initiative was launched last year by a group of Stellenbosch marketplace Christians who believe that God wants to use a transformed marketplace to extend His Kingdom. 1 300 Christians were canvassed in an online survey which the group believes will create an awareness of the activities that God is mobilising in the marketplace.

“The heart of the project is to create an awareness of what God is doing in the South African marketplace and to show every marketplace Christian what God can and wants to do in and through their lives. Part of the Call42 vision is to assist Christians to become Kingdom focused in the marketplace,” says project coordinator, Steven van Tonder.

To date Call42 has published an executive report and demographic report on its survey. Over the next four months the team plans to release additional reports that will unveil the detailed findings of the survey that will address each focus group individually, e.g. reports for church leaders, students, managers of companies, marketplace ministers, etc. Published findings are open for public use and available on Call42’s website where one can subscribe to receive future report notification.


  1. And so His Army marches on.

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