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Israel apartheid claims are anti-semitic

Campus club resignation exposes worrying development among British university students As a South African who grew up in the apartheid era, and who signed up as a youth delegate for the anti apartheid Progressive Party while a student, I find the now politically correct campaign to condemn Israel as an […]

Thousands gather in Germany to rally against anti-Semitism

Originally published in NPR.org In Berlin, thousands of people gathered at the Brandenburg Gate on Sunday to demonstrate against a wave of harassment and attacks against Jews in Germany. Many blame the rising anti-Semitism there and across Europe on tensions over the Gaza conflict. Chancellor Angela Merkel, who attended the […]

Ten keys to understanding the Gaza/Israel conflict

By David Robertson — Originally published in Christian Today My wife is a wise woman. Many of our friends, colleagues and fellow church members have very strong opinions of the Gaza conflict. On the one hand there are those who are absolutely convinced that Israel is an oppressive bloodthirsty regime, […]

Israel protests SA label decision

Originally published in The Citizen Online South Africa’s ambassador to Israel was summoned to that country’s Foreign Ministry Thursday to explain a recent decision by the South African cabinet to label products from settlements in the West Bank as coming from “Occupied Palestinian Territory.” Ambassador Ismail Coovadia would meet with […]