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Look me in the eyes!

[notice]Musings around children’s ministry. Reflections on week 3 of 10 weeks teaching stint.[/notice] This week I’ve had to battle the temptation to mindlessly fall into the rhythm of school life and just survive. The work is overwhelming and the ground we lost due to last week’s strike has set us […]

Inspired by little movements

[notice]Musings around children’s ministry.[/notice] I have yet another conference story to share…Last weekend the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) invited our ministry (Reaching a Generation) to one of their provincial conferences. I cannot describe how inspiring it was to see teachers share so passionately about what Christ is doing […]

‘Bless a teacher’ call

Port Elizabeth pastors have been asked to mark World Teachers Day (October 12) by doing something special to encourage teachers during church services on Sunday. The call is made in an email from Johann McFarlane, Co-ordinator of the Transformation Christian Network (TCN) Church Education Task Team. “It could be something […]