Teachers praying for schools, education for 40 days

Colleen Martin, Teachers In Christ Chairperson.
‘Pray where you are at 7.14am’

Christian teachers and intercessors yesterday launched a 40 days of prayer initiative in response to chaos and breakdown in infrastructure in the Education Department.

Prayer support ministry Teachers in Christ (TIC) has called on Christian teachers throughout South Africa to pray at 7.14am daily until April 5, for teachers, schools and education, believing for a mighty move of God.

Sadtu interdicted against disruptions
On the same day that the 40 days of prayer started, the Bhisho High Court granted an urgent interim interdict prohibiting the SA Democratic Teachers’ Union (Sadtu) from disrupting Eastern Cape education department offices and schools.

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“There is never ‘just a coincidence’ when our Father is at work,” says TIC Chairperson, Colleen Martin, of the court order which follows Sadtu disruption of Education Department District offices since last Wednesday.

“Please know that this is a divine appointment that you have been called for,’ she says in an email to intercessors.

Surrounding schools in prayer
While ongoing prayer throughout the day is vital, the idea of praying at 7.14am is to surround schools, students and teachers in prayer before the school day begins and while parents are dropping children off at school, thereby starting the day off rightly aligned with God, says Martin.

Teachers are urged to set their cellphone alarms to 7.14am each morning and to pray wherever they are for healing in education along the lines of 2 Chronicles 7:14 (If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land).

Walking the perimeter
“If you are at school, consider walking the perimeter of the buildings, encircling the challenges in your school in prayer. If possible, ask some colleagues to join you, and even some students. Pray that each morning as you do this, more and more will join in!” says TIC in an email to teachers.

“If you are still in your car on your way to school, please speak the name of our precious Saviour out loud as you call on Him to move in your particular situations in your school. Just as Nehemiah and Daniel stood before God, including themselves in the sins of the people, humbly cry out to our Father repenting of the sins in education, and pleading for His mercy and grace and healing. (Their prayers – Nehemiah 9:5-36; Daniel 9:4-19. Dwell on these prayers during this time.)”

Children sent home
Commenting on the state of education TIC notes that a certain calm has returned to some schools while news reports reveal the desperate situation in other schools where a lack of teacher-appointments has resulted in children being sent home.

“Many schools have been carrying the financial burden of teachers’ salaries, which should have been paid by education departments, but can no longer continue to do so.

Every school
“Some schools have been listed in the newspapers; some schools have asked us to cover them in prayer for specific situations, and we are appealing to each and every one of you, at this time, to join in and let us start covering each of the schools and education in this country, in a blanket of prayer. If your school has a specific situation requiring prayer, please e-mail us so that we can stand with you during these next 40 days.”

TIC says that schools not affected by teacher shortages and lack of facilities also need prayer. Prayer needs may include for parents to fulfil their godly responsibilities, for fathers to take on spiritual leadership in their homes, or for an end to drug abuse, sex and pregnancies.

“Make it a date – 7.14 a.m. each morning for the next 40 days, and let’s have a holy anticipation of a mighty move of our Mighty God,” says TIC.

More information about TIC and instructions on how to join and receive updates from TIC are available on its website.


  1. I am commiting myself to this programme, we need to pray for our schools

  2. I teach students with special needs in New Zealand.My prayers are with you.I will certainly pray for the Education Department of SA.God is certainly a God of miracles.Amen!