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Land expropriation and the religious community

Land expropriation is a highly political and emotionally charged issue. Freedom of Religion South Africa (FOR SA) is closely monitoring this area since it clearly has the potential to impact on the religious community. We therefore want to bring a balanced perspective to our constituency so that we have a […]

‘Our freedom of choice should be respected too,’ says venue that turned down same-sex wedding

The Christian owners of a Cape wedding venue that has been in the news since last week for refusing  — on grounds of their deeply-held biblical convictions — to host a same-sex wedding, continues to suffer attacks on social media and threats of legal action. In addition, the Stanford Tourism […]

Spanking probe: Church forced to appeal SAHRC’s “censorship of belief”

By FOR SA Following the South African Human Rights Commission’s finding against them on Friday, January 22, Joshua Generation Church in Cape Town has said that they have no choice but to appeal the SAHRC’s findings and recommendations which they regard as an “unconstitutional censorship of religious belief in South […]

USA: Police vehicle ‘In God we trust’ stickers are constitutional, says Texas AG

Originally published in CBN Police religious mottos are constitutional, according to the opinion issued Wednesday by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. The opinion comes after the Freedom from Religion Foundation complained about the Childress Police Department displaying the motto, suggesting it violated the Separation of Church and State. But Paxton […]

Executive and judiciary meet amidst concerns over ‘contempt for courts’

Originally published in Dispatch Live Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng believes in being open to criticsm because it helps with learning – but the country’s judiciary and executive have agreed to be more circumspect about airing criticism in public. This emerged after a day-long meeting between the executive and judiciary yesterday at […]

A slap in the face of the Constitution

[notice]By Mike Pothier — Research Co-ordinator[/notice] Originally published in Response, August 19, 2015 — SA Catholic Bishops Conference Parliamentary Liaison Office The framers of the South African Constitution had the foresight to include an innovative set of institutions that effectively add a fourth arm to the usual three-way division of […]