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Worship and coronavirus – Hugh Wetmore

Hugh Wetmore is a songwriter and student of worship trends. He invites you to join the worship conversation by commenting on his monthly column. Many Christians, unable to congregate for worship after the government banned meetings of over 100 people, have joined thousands who are congregating in shopping malls. That’s […]

ACDP calls for daily updates on coronavirus

If Eskom is able to give the nation daily updates about load shedding, surely we can and should be giving updates about the coronavirus status, ACDP MP Steve Swart said today. “We don’t need fear or panic, but we must be properly prepared,” he said, speaking in the National Assembly […]

Coronavirus coming to end, prophesies speaker at Kingdom Come SA conference

Originally published in Fox News Shawn Bolz, a Christian leader and prominent prophetic voice from Los Angeles, has good news to share about the coronavirus. Speaking at the Kingdom Come SA 2020 conference in Johannesburg last Friday, he prophesied about the virus, which has sickened 91 000 people worldwide and […]