Coronavirus spoils big Kingdom concert plan — and births an even bigger plan!

Albertus Potgieter, managing director of iTickets.

Coronavirus put an end to a South African company’s ambitious plans to host a big Christian stadium event but also inspired an even bigger event that could reach billions of people around the world in their living rooms.

According to Albertus Potgieter, managing director of iTickets, they are in discussion with several A-list Christian artists in the US about staging what he believes will be the largest virtual live event in history “which I can easily envision will reach 3 billion people with the good news of the Gospel”.

He said that inspired by its involvement with Christian events with Mighty Men, Hillsong, Bethel Music, Michael W Smith and others over the past 13 years iTickets had been planning, since November, to do a live broadcast from a stadium.

But local and international measures introduced to stop the spread of coronavirus had made that impossible. However, with billions of people compelled or encouraged to stay at home at this time — many of them confused and fearful — they realised it was an ideal time to reach people in their homes. They also realised they have the technology in place and the relationships with Christian leaders needed to reach those people.

Earlier this week Potgieter sent an email to clients inviting those interested to participate in the planned global event to be called Jesus is King – Trumpets Call.

“Hundreds of people responded, offering their help,” he said in an interview.

“This morning the Holy Spirit told me to ‘Gather my Church’. We have received our marching orders,” said Potgieter.

He said Myles Munroe had observed that the keys to the successful construction of the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11) were the people’s common vision, unity and ability to communicate. God recognised their great achievement but confused their communication because they were building to exalt themselves.

Potgieter said he believed it was time for the Bride of Christ around the world to build together for the right reasons. They had a common vision and unity because of their common enemy, coronavirus, that was actually bringing them together. And today’s communication technology was key to achieving their dreams.

He said that on Saturday March 28, Saturday April 4 and Saturday April 11 they will live-stream an Afrikaans music festival, Afrikaans Gaan Global to the world, using it as a pilot project to prepare for the Jesus is King global event.

The live stream concert series, featuring some of South Africa’s top artists, will aim to bring relief to those who need it the most during this difficult time. The project is a collaboration between JacarandaFM, iTickets, Virtual Stream, The Marketing Zoo, Weiveld and Super Events.

Potgieter said it would realistically take about three months to get a global project like Jesus is King off the ground. “But God works in mysterious ways, so I would not be surprised if it happens sooner,” he said.

Watch the iTickets SA Facebook page for latest developments on the project.


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