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The price of freedom

This weekend, Christians around the world will celebrate the resurrection of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, who paid for our freedom (from eternal condemnation) not with gold or silver but with His precious blood.  Our freedom cost Jesus everything and it (our freedom as believers to serve Jesus) will cost us […]

Jesus on the streets of Durban

Durban’s Dr Pixley Kaseme street will become a flashback to the Via  Dolorosa, a street within the Old City of Jerusalem, when a depiction of the last hours of the Lord Jesus Christ are re-enacted on Wednesday, March 25.  The Via Dolorosa, or “place of grief”, is believed to be […]

Heat over halaal hot cross buns

South African retailer Woolworths’ decision to lure Muslims customers to the tradition of consuming hot cross buns has sparked a furore amongst some Christians. Hot cross buns are associated with the Christian religious period of the Good Friday and Easter Weekend. Like Easter eggs these buns are mostly sold around […]

Easter – A Time To Reflect

The history of our world is littered with specific and special events whose occurrence has changed the way we live our lives. The different discoveries and inventions that have been made in the area of science, transport, communication, agriculture, etc. have left us with a sense of amazement of what […]