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Locust infestation could cause next famine in Africa, evangelical charity warns

Originally published in The Christian Post A historic desert locust infestation in East Africa could cause the next major famine as people in the region are already struggling with hunger after droughts were followed by cyclone flooding, one of the world’s leading evangelical charities has warned. A growing spread of […]

Call on Christians in US to help South Sudan

Little to celebrate on 4th anniversary of indepenednce By Richard Stearns, President of World Vision US and author of ‘The Hole in Our Gospel’ and ‘Unfinished’Originally published in The Christian Post Yesterday (July 9, 2015), South Sudan celebrated its fourth Independence Day, but almost no one there is celebrating. Instead […]

Somali militants block famine aid

By Associated Press – Originally published in Seattle PI Al-Qaida-linked militants in Somalia vowed to keep most international aid workers away despite a worsening famine, as the U.N. warned Friday that 800,000 children could die in the region from starvation. Frustrated aid groups said they want to deploy more food […]