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California pregnancy centres challenge forced abortion advertising law

Originally published in Charisma News Liberty Counsel is filing a petition┬áto the US Supreme Court on behalf of three California faith-based, crisis pregnancy centres that are forced to advertise an offer of “immediate free or low-cost …abortion” to their clients according to state law. This law forces Liberty Counsel’s clients […]

US defunds UN’s aid for forced abortions in China

Originally published in CBN News It’s no secret that China’s strict two-child policy has ended countless unborn babies’ lives through forced abortions. Now, President Donald Trump is taking a stand against China’s forced abortions by cutting funds to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). “This determination was made based on […]

The brutal truth behind forced abortions in China

A Nobel peace prize nominee has accused the Chinese government of having “contempt for the lives of human beings”. Civil rights activist Chen Guangcheng condemned the country’s one child policy during an address at The Heritage Foundation last month. He said the government often forces women to have an abortion […]