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Christianity’s impact on freedom and justice

By Dr Sharon James — Originally published in The Christian Institute Many today would argue that Christianity has changed the world for the worse. The “new atheists” don’t just see Christianity as wrong but evil. They believe that we need to be liberated from outdated ideas of moral absolutes and […]

The ultimate sacrifice

My hymn of praise to the greatest hero of all As tributes were paid over the weekend to all who sacrificed their lives in modern conflict – with special reference to the horrors of the Somme 100 years ago – I thought of the part my own ancestors played. There […]

‘Nailing’ the past and taking hold of ‘now’

[notice]A monthly Christian sport column by Cobus Kruger, a professional triathlete who is passionate about evangelism, leadership and community development through sport.[/notice] It was the Senior South African Track and Field Championships in Stellenbosch in the middle of April. Top athletes from across the country, in one stadium, not just […]