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Song lesson for Julius — Hugh Wetmore

We have all watched with interest the trial, in which Afriforum has charged Julius Malema for hate speech when he sang the struggle song Kill the Boer.  They allege that these lyrics fuel anti-Arikaner hatred that has been inciting farm murders in South Africa.  How does Julius defend the song? “The […]

The worship service: then and now — in one lifetime! (2)

In my last column I traced the changes that have taken place in the Church’s worship services.  For the most part these were neutral’ changes. They were more superficial cultural changes that did not affect the deeper levels of our Christian being.  We observed movements from formal liturgies to freer […]

Teaching about the rule of law through song – Hugh Wetmore

Those of us who live in South Africa are horrified, disgusted, perplexed or deeply concerned about the recent chaotic events that are destroying the fabric of our society.  What began as a protest against ex-president Jacob Zuma’s 15-month imprisonment for contempt of the Constitutional Court, has morphed into nationwide looting […]