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Egypt sentences 863 to death in mass trial

Originally published in WND An Egyptian court in the southern city of Minya sentenced 683 people to death Monday in the most recent of a series of mass trials that have alarmed the international community, nine months after a military coup ousted Egypt’s first democratically elected president. The ruling came […]

Perspective: Should Christians sign petition for release of 529 Brotherhood members sentenced to death?

[notice]An INcontext Ministries perspective on the Avaaz petition against the controversial Muslim Brotherhood death sentences. INcontext urges people to consider the full situation behind the sentencing, and the objectives of the Muslim Brotherhood, before ‘voicing’ their support.[/notice] REUTERS reports: On Monday, March 24, 2014, an Egyptian court sentenced 529 members of […]

Egypt bans 55 000 mosque preachers

Originally published in WND Around 55,000 unlicensed clerics in Egypt will be barred from preaching in mosques, the country’s minister of religious endowments said on Tuesday. The move is the latest against supporters and sympathizers of deposed Islamist President Mohammad Morsi. The minister, Mohammad Mokhtar Gomaa, said the clerics lack […]

Egypt coup: Islamists call for mass protest

Originally published in Worthy News Islamist parties and movements in Egypt have called on their followers to demonstrate against the military overthrow of the country’s first democratically elected leader, Mohamed Morsi. The National Alliance to Support Legitimacy, which includes the ousted president’s Muslim Brotherhood, urged “peaceful protests” on Friday in […]

Egyptian military ousts Morsi, suspends constitution

Originally published by Fox News Egypt’s top military commander announced Wednesday President Mohammed Morsi had been ousted and replaced by the chief justice of the constitutional court as the interim head of state. In addition, Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi said the country’s constitution has been temporarily suspended and new elections would […]