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Government does not want to regulate religion, will ‘look carefully’ at PEPUDA bill, says Deputy Minister of Justice

.Originally published in FORSA.org.za Freedom of Religion South Africa (FOR SA) requested (and was granted) an opportunity to meet with the Deputy Minister of Justice, John Jeffery, to discuss the religious community’s concerns regarding the PEPUDA Amendment Bill. The virtual meeting, which took place yesterday, follows the unprecedented opposition from South Africa’s religious community to the […]

PEPUDA Amendment Bill: a fast track to religious persecution? — Michael Swain

This is the first article in a series by Freedom of Religion South Africa (FOR SA) on the PEPUDA Amendment Bill (“the Amendment Bill”) and its potentially detrimental and far-reaching implications for religious freedom in South Africa, if passed into law in its current form. For more articles like this that explain what the bill is about, and […]