WATCH: ‘Act now against greatest threat to religious freedom’ — FOR SA

PHOTO: ADF International

In a video released today Advocate Nadene Badenhorst legal counsel of Freedom of Religion South Africa (FOR SA) made an urgent call on people of faith to take action against the “greatest threat tor religious freedom since the advent of democracy in 1994” — the PEPUDA Amendment Bill.

“This bill will transform the Equality Act into the most dangerous piece of legislation we have seen. If adopted in its current form religious rights will simply be trampled underfoot, every person of whatever faith, every institution of whatever faith will be drastically impacted,” she says.

Watch the video below in which she urges people to visit the FOR SA website for more information about the bill. She also calls on the public to submit comments on the bill to the Department of Justice before the June 30 deadline for comments.


  1. I do not agree with what they wanting to do! Taking away freedom of religion !

  2. STOP this PEPUDA amendment bill. It is unconstitutional. Freedom for everyone to make their own choices.