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Only 11 percent of US teens say viewing porn is bad

Originally published in Christian Examiner A generational divide exists between teens and adults on not only pornography usage but also attitudes about it, and the church cannot afford to ignore the widening gap, says Barna Group editor-in-chief Roxanne Stone. Stone addressed the differences in a new blog post, “Porn 2.0: […]

Porn linked to child abuse

Originally published in Times Live Porn addicts are at high risk of sexually abusing children, including their own. This is according to research by Dr Antoinette Basson, of Unisa’s youth research unit, who interviewed convicted child-sex offenders in prisons in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape. The study, which focused on […]

The truth about Fifty Shades of Grey

Movie glamourises sexual violence and domestic abuse [notice]By Dawn Glass, Executive Director of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation with South Africa-specific content added by Taryn Hodgson of Africa Christian Action[/notice] Ster Kinekor in South Africa is promoting the soon-to-be-released Fifty Shades of Grey film as “the hottest cinema experience this Valentine’s […]