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How to not bore God — Hannah Viviers

A monthly column on purpose, passion and power in Jesus. I’m writing a book I should’ve written long ago. At one point, while typing away, I felt, ‘Oh my! I can’t believe I’m telling this story- again! ” For the first time in many years I was tired (and bored) […]

International Christian group proclaims Jerusalem ‘undivided capital of Jewish state’

Originally published in Breaking Israel News On Tuesday, Christians for Israel International presented a “Jerusalem Declaration” to President Reuven Rivlin at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem. The Declaration states that Christians acknowledge that the city of Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people as part of God’s covenant promise and expresses […]

The Miracle of Passover

When being trapped is the key to divine deliverance Israel’s plight of being hemmed in on all sides by mortal enemies seems a particularly pitiful one. But at the risk of sounding uncompassionate, it’s the best possible place for them to be, as the miracle of the first Passover reminds […]

Defending our inheritance

[notice]Henda Marais is in Israel serving as a part time tour guide at one of the more recent biblical excavations next to the Sea of Galilea,  Magdala – the home town of  Mary Magdelene. While in Jerusalem, sounds of gunfire in the Old City reminded her that we as believers […]