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Parliamentary committee challenges CRL on ‘reckless’ statements

By Freedom of Religion SA Media statements by the chairperson of the CRL Rights Commission, Thoko Mkhwanazi-Xaluva, claiming that parliament should answer for the Ngcobo shootings and that lives could have been saved if parliament had acted sooner, were challenged today by the COGTA Parliamentary Portfolio Committee. At a briefing meeting […]

The religious community must find solutions to its own problems — Michael Swain

The COGTA Parliamentary Portfolio Committee recently held meetings to allow for input by the religious community into the CRL’s Report on the “Commercialisation” of Religion and Abuse of People’s Belief Systems. These meetings were attended by a significant number of denominations, churches and major organisations from the Christian community. Many […]

Parliamentary committee invites FOR SA to make full presentation on objections to religious regulation proposals

Parliamentary portfolio committees this week heard the conflicting views of the CRL Rights Commission and the religious sector — represented by Freedom of Religion SA (FOR SA) — on how to deal with commercialisation of religion and other abuses in the religious arena. At a workshop at parliament on Tuesday […]