Taking on human trafficking and prostitution

Defending family, faith and freedom
South Africa sent its clearest warning yet to human traffickers when the Pretoria Regional Court sentenced Adina dos Santos to life imprisonment for trafficking 3 teenage girls into prostitution.

Reports of young women being lured into prostitution with false promises of jobs have increased steadily in South Africa. Two Chinese women are currently appearing in court for running various brothels in Cape Town including luring Chinese girls to SA and forcing them into prostitution.

Despite overwhelming evidence of trafficking, the foreign-funded Sex Workers Educational and Advocacy Taskforce (SWEAT) and their liberal allies have used all the resources at their disposal to deceive the public into believing that sex trafficking does not exist in South Africa.

Operations by the City of Cape Town’s Vice Squad have shut down numerous brothels recently including arresting drug dealers and sex traffickers and rescuing women from sexual slavery.

The Vice Squad’s success in exposing and disrupting the nefarious deeds of the crime syndicates that prey on vulnerable young women has elicited a backlash from SWEAT and the liberal media.

However, a recent study by US anti-prostitution activist, Melissa Farley reveals that men who buy sex are responsible for most of the criminal activity linked to the sex industry and crime in general.

FPI will host a national conference on the harm of prostitution and its links to trafficking and organised crime in early 2012 to coincide with the debate on Prostitution Law Reform in Parliament.

Significantly, the only thing standing between crime syndicates taking legal control of a decriminalised sex industry in SA, is the Body of Christ! You and I must oppose this evil.

I have already invited global experts like Melissa Farley and Gunilla Eckberg to provide critical testimony on the terrible abuse of women in prostitution and its links to organised crime.

The sex industry in SA is run and controlled by crime syndicates that prey on vulnerable young women. Women and girls are lured into prostitution by false job offers – usually in “escort agencies,” “massage palours,” and “strip clubs” which are all legitimate fronts for the illegal sex industry.

Sweden has proved the most effective strategy to significantly reduce prostitution and erect barriers against sex traffickers is to focus law enforcement on the demand – the buyers of sex.

I am maintaining pressure on the Justice Portfolio Committee in Parliament to finalise the “Prevention and Combatting of Trafficking in Persons” Bill. The widespread evidence of human trafficking for prostitution in SA makes the urgent enactment of this legislation a national priority.

In addition, I will be meeting soon with Home Affairs Deputy Minister, Fatima Chohan, Department of Communications Deputy Minister, Obed Bapela and Film and Publication Board CEO, Yoliswa Makhasi to discuss legislation to block pornography on the Internet and national free-to-air television.

Family Policy Institute is also working on various other prondjects to defend the sacred institutions of marriage and the family and advance Biblical values in Parliament, the media and general society.

Please commit to pray for God’s guidance, wisdom a protection over of this vital ministry.


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