TBN Africa rebrands to Faith Broadcasting Network

FBNSouth Africa’s premier Christian television channel rebranded on November 1, 2014 from TBN Africa to FAITH BROADCASTING NETWORK.

This name change and branding strategy is a direct result of the Board’s innovative approach to keep Christian television fresh and relevant in today’s society, says Media Director, Waldo Malan.

Since its inception in May 2002 the viewers of TBN have grown to command just over 5% of the total DSTV viewership. In its effort to stay relevant to changing times and viewer demands, the channel underwent some major changes in the past five years. The effectiveness in the changes implemented was reflected in a 39% overall growth in viewership. These impressive statistics ensured that channel 341 remains the premium Christian television channel in South Africa, says Malan.

As a final touch in the rebranding rollout, and one that underscores the channel’s commitment to being a relevant voice in society, the name FAITH BROADCASTING NETWORK personifies it’s core ethos.

In a society that is often rocked by various political, criminal and environmental calamities, a solid faith in an unchanging God proves to be a
great comfort. Faith, in essence, is a message of hope, and this message of hope is reflected in the programming offered daily on FAITH BROADCASTING NETWORK. The name change indicates not only a desire to stay relevant, but also shows a commitment to offering viewers the same high quality broadcasts they have grown accustomed to.

FAITH BROADCASTING NETWORK has a loyal viewership, many of which are partners to the work that it represents, and together present a quality addition to the local broadcast offerings on the Multichoice platform.


  1. Assie Van der Westhuizen

    What a wonderful way for Christians in SA to be involved with the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire African continent. I understand that this is a “For Africa, by Africans” network that reaches millions of people, and every financial contribution, how small it may sound, helps to bring the Gospel into homes where no missionary can go.

  2. I,personely,am happy,the great work of our God and Saviour grows bigger, better and further.Lord,keep Your servants on their knees before You!!that the glory might only be Yours,amen

    sservants on their knees before You!

  3. Am confused, was this a rebrand or a breakaway from tbn? I feel like someone is not telling the truth here; tbn just relaunched a new channel on dstv