Teen who created ‘Thank you Jesus’ yard signs has sold 100 000 and counting

‘Thank you Jesus’ signs packaged and ready for delivery.

Originally published in Faith Wire

The movement began as a 2015 Easter project by Asheboro resident Lucas Hunt and has since evolved into a message celebrated year-round, WGHP reported.

“It’s a Christmas message,” Hunt told WGHP. “You know, without Christmas, you wouldn’t have Easter.”

Now, the signs are lining the lawns of homes in a dozen countries.

“People kept calling and asking if they could have one, and you can’t tell someone ‘No,’” Hunt said.

The sign is meant to be a reminder to give thanks or a message of hope. They are so popular that the non-profit has begun to sell other merchandise such as car decals and silicon bracelets and produce them in Spanish as well.

For the non-profit, the sign, which sells for $8 apiece, enables them to give back. The revenue goes toward projects such as serving breakfast in a Bible study for homeless people and providing transportation to after-school programs for low-income students.

“So, whether you believe or don’t believe, we hope that it plants a seed in somebody’s heart.”

Co-creator Connie Frazier said the non-profit has “been one of the most humbling experiences” in her life, especially when she drives “down a road and see the name of Jesus in somebody’s yard and knowing that that person loves God and wants to publicly display it,” she told WGHP.

Hunt has stopped settings sales goals because he keeps surpassing them, he said.

“Every goal I set was just blown out of the water, he said.”

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  1. This simple, profound witness to JESUS is very encouraging. This could be a Job Creation project here in S Africa, with the ‘profits’ keeping the producer’s family in food and clothing.