Texas church leader fires on man breaking into cars at church

The church parking lot where the thief was breaking into cars.
The church parking lot where the thief was breaking into cars.

Originally published in Christian Post

A Texas church leader, who is also a deputy for the local county Sheriff’s Office, shot at a man breaking into cars in his church parking lot late Tuesday night.

The deacon, who has not been identified, and several other church members had stayed late to clean Living Word Faith Center in Missouri City when they noticed an individual breaking into their cars.

According to KHOU 11 News, when the deacon went to confront the suspect, the man bolted to his car to get something and then fled to the parking lot of a church next door. The church pastor also told the news channel that the suspect had pulled a gun on the deacon. The deacon fired five or six shots as the man ran.

The suspect has not been arrested though the Sherriff’s Office thinks they may have a lead.

“There were several backpacks recovered. It looked like this individual had been breaking into several vehicles. Also the deputy’s own truck had been broken into,” Thomas Gilliland, Harris County Sheriff’s Office told KHOU 11 News. “We’ll run the VIN and find out exactly if the car is registered to anyone and go with the investigation from there.”

Pastor John Hickman said that the church would welcome the suspect if he ever wished to attend.

“He can be a part of the church. We can pray for him. We can get him saved,” said Hickman.

“I would like to get a chance to know him and to save that young man. He probably has a great future ahead of him, he just doesn’t know it,” he added.

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  1. Shoot at him, then tell him he’s welcome. Hmm, let me think about that . .