Thankful year-end reflections

Godspeaks[notice]A monthly prophetic perspective from Marian and Kate Fitz-Gibbon[/notice]

So the year is almost coming to a close and most days it feels like it couldn’t come sooner.

Goodbye 2015! Please do come in 2016.

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Perhaps many of us feel the same way. It has been a hectic year on so many levels, and the heat and general exhaustion can leave us feeling a little down and ready to pack our bags and head into the next season.

Big thanks to God
Before we do, we want to thank God, and thank Him big time. Right now it may feel like we just want to wipe the dust off our feet and forget about this year’s trouble, but actually God has done so many amazing things this year. If we were to count them all it would take us until February next year.

We’re choosing to purposefully reflect and thank God for the big breakthroughs, the small ones and the ones we are still waiting for. Especially the ones we are still waiting for.

As we looked back to be thankful and reflect, we realized all the little things really added up. Even when it felt like maybe we hadn’t achieved a lot, the opposite was true.

One of the greatest lessons we learnt to count the impact you’ve made in the spiritual far more than anything you see in the natural. Our heavenly victories weigh far more than our earthly ones. Even though many of them do materialize in the natural at some point, even if they never do or take a really long time to, what is stored up in heaven is way more valuable.

Maybe you’re looking at your year and wondering what you have really achieved, or maybe you’ve achieved some really big things. Either way God knows how you are feeling right now and what you are hoping for next year.  

Sowing and reaping
For many 2015 was a year of sowing, and even the years before that. Just know that a time of reaping will come. If this year was a winter season, just know spring always has to come.

The best thing we can do is enter the New Year thanking God for who He is. We need hope that doesn’t defer going forward. And hope that doesn’t defer is hope based in the nature and character of God. And of course we want to remember faithfully and truly everything He has done for us, because there are so many things.

We want to thank God for all the lives He touched this year and for every accurate prophetic word that has been spoken over lives to bring encouragement, hope and direction.

Just last Sunday in Thokosa we had young girls and women lining up to get healed from various illnesses. We knew God was going to do much more than just heal their bodies, and each of them as they heard the first words that Father God spoke to them about who He says they are, tears just streamed down their face and as they shook under the weight of His everlasting love and covenant with His girls. Years of trauma, abuse and disappointment just fell off them and they began to radiate His identity for them. To us, that’s miraculous.

Light of hope
A group of young mothers stayed for hours last Friday to hear what Father God had to say about them, nervous at first to see if the secrets of their hearts would be exposed by prophets in the room. But no, their heads were lifted high and God shone a light of hope so bright that they were renewed and energised, relieved and restored.

Every Thursday a group of staff at Helen Joseph gather to drink in what God is saying about them. They are absolutely determined not to miss learning about who He says they are. They’ve been healed, set free and are on fire for God.

This year young children – as young as 5 — were trained to hear God’s voice and they were prophesying a few hours later.

Walking into a church in Paarl we were specifically instructed not to prepare a message, and an old passport photo of Noel (our dad and husband) is lying at the back of the rental car, one that is impossible for it to be there, and the Lord says, talk to them about their identity. People are prophesied over and destinies called out and to this day the church has said they have experienced incredible transformation.

Uganda good news
In Uganda people lined up to receive salvation, healing, and get filled with Holy Spirit. For some of them not even a day after receiving the Lord they were prophesying words of encouragement over each other. The church which was only two weeks old is so full there now they have to build a bigger place.

People from all walks of life were touched by hearing the Father’s heart for them. The guy on the street, the ladies behind the tills, people in hospital beds, drivers, singers, dancers, CEOs, finance guys, musicians, housewives, young children, youth, MBA students, the elderly, painters, writers, accountants, doctors, cleaners. These all happened just by hearing God in the moment on any given day or place and saying: “Yes, I’ll deliver that message. I’ll love that person. “

So many people healed from diseases of the body, but also from broken hearts and broken dreams. SO much hope infused, and God’s timing is always perfect.

These are literally just a few glimpses of this year and there are hundreds more stories from this year alone.

Most of the moments were happening in our country and that’s something to really be thankful for.  

Treasures to take into next year
What are your stories? We all have them. We want to encourage you to count them all as your precious treasures to take with into next year, and know they are your tokens of His nature and goodness.

We’re sure you each have your list of things you would like to thank God for but here are some to add:

  1. Prophetic words over your life
  2. Meeting new people
  3. Being a Christian
  4. Revelation
  5. Character growth
  6. Trials that bring out the gold
  7. When we mess up and God’s love picks us up again
  8. People who challenge us because it makes us become firm in what we believe
  9. Getting healing in our hearts
  10. Your past being bought on the cross so you no longer have to have shame
  11. The good little habit changes that have become so ingrained we forgot we had to fight for them
  12. That we get to love people
  13. Those who have gone before us and laid foundations we can stand on
  14. That we can do the impossible because of Christ

Merry Christmas and be blessed in your most meaningful new beginnings with handfuls of treasures.

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