The ANC must leave Israel alone and fix the mess at home

The International Court of Justice, The Hague, Netherlands (PHOTO:

The African National Congress  government and their allies’ decision to take Israel to the International Court of Justice has brought us to a place where, like the time of Queen Esther in the Bible, we cannot keep silent.  We cannot keep silent when a government that has failed on its domestic mandate, wants to rise as a hero in the global political arena.

A few years ago the UK Prime Minister David Cameron wanted to join the US military operation against the Assad regime in Syria. Despite his initial determination to send British troops on this operation, Cameron was stopped when he lost a referendum by only 13 votes. This was because some of his political party parliamentarians voted with the opposition.

After this loss, the prime minister said: “It is clear to me that the British parliament, reflecting the views of the British people, does not want to see British military action.” This was a display of democracy in action, the will of the people prevailing against political ambition.

This is unfortunately not the case in South Africa. The members of Parliament in South Africa are members of political parties who are not directly elected by any constituency. As a result, they are not accountable to the people of South Africa and don’t even care about their constitutional responsibilities, but are loyal to their political parties.

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It was always known that our proportional electoral system was not a true reflection of the will of the people but it was adopted as a transitional system for the election in 1994. It made sense at the time because many leaders were not known in the constituencies as many had been exiled or in prison.

Many have fought to have this electoral system changed, and even gained a victory when the Constitutional Court declared the system unconstitutional. However, it was left to Parliament to change the law. The result has been minor legal amendments and an electoral system that still favours political parties.

South Africans have been groaning for many years under the leadership of the ANC government. The many failed motions of no confidence in the ANC leadership and government have proven to us that members of Parliament do not represent the will of the people. Our nation is going through a period of unprecedented crisis. How we are able to keep going is a miracle.

We are confronted by high levels of crime, violence, corruption, unemployment and drug abuse. Our police struggle to enforce the law, resulting in ramapant lawlessness in our nation. There is a crisis in our education system and health sectors, and many medical and other professionals are choosing to emigrate.

We have now become experts in managing to live with constant power cuts (i.e.loadshedding), while we also experience water shortages and running sewage. We recently had cases of people dying of cholera, due to poor quality water — 30 years into our democracy.  The ANC government has dismally failed the people of this nation and the poor bear the brunt of this failure.

It is therefore concerning to see these same people, who have not cared about their poor, taking on wanting the world to view them as people who care about the plight of the weak and oppressed. We, as South Africa, don’t need to be dragged into another geopolitical conflict, like we found ourselves in the middle of the Cold War. The hypocrisy of the ANC is beyond comprehension. Just a few years ago the ANC government breached its international and domestic legal obligations when it failed to arrest Omer Al-Bashir who had been found guilty of war crimes by the International Criminal Court.

Just next door to us is Zimbabwe, whose people have suffered human rights violations over many years. Instead of speaking out for them, the ANC maintained there was no crisis and that Zimbabweans will find solutions amongs themselves. The instability of Zimbabwe places a heavy burden on the South African economy, so if the ANC knew about the plight of the oppressed, this is where they needed to act. The same applies in eSwatini (Swaziland), where despite cries of human rights abuses the ANC has not threatened action against any leaders nor shown solidarity with the people affected.

The African Union found itself extremely divided over Morocco and Western Sahara. Despite this being an African conflict, they decided to allow this matter to be dealt with by the United Nations. The AU leadership placed the interest of Africa’s unity first.

South Africa has been known as the nation of reconciliation, not the one that takes sides. Therefore the decision by the ANC government to take sides in the Israel-Palestine conflict, is not in the interest of South Africa’s developmental agenda, nor of Africa, for that matter.

It is therefore important that it be known that this decision to take Israel to the ICJ, is a decision of the ANC and its allies, and does not in any way represent the vast majority of the people of this nation. There are many of us in South Africa who believe that Israel has the right to exist and defend herself. We therefore disassociate ourselves from this decision taken by the ANC government.  

History has records over many generations of kings and kingdoms who rose up against Israel and the Jewish people, seeking to wipe them out. Israel still exists because none of those attempts succeeded. The Bible clearly states: “I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you (Gen 12:3).”

Who knows, perhaps this decision to be an accuser of Israel may just be what is needed to hasten the judgment of God against the ANC government and deliver the people of South Africa from their corruption.

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  1. Well said and supported!
    The approach by ANC is causing havoc instead of providing a solution

  2. At last, a voice of reason came forth! Thank you Tshego!!
    May this message be heard in the whole world as well as in the heavenlies!

  3. 2024 is our voice. The only question we have to ask of any political party now, before we vote, is.. where do u stand on the Israel/ Palestine question. Bible believing Christians must change the narrative in SA.

  4. Our government should not leave Israel alone. Cursing Israel will bring a curse on SA. Only by standing with Israel, SA will be blessed and that might bring solutions for our own problems. The bible is clear about this. By choosing the wrong side of history, South Africa brings havoc upon itself. Nkosi sikelele I Africa.

    • Marc where was your country when there was bloodshed in Syria and Yemen, why the sudden interest in Israel?
      Don’t use this bible as an excuse pal.

  5. Great insight and good article.
    Thank you Tshego.

  6. Charmaine Kopolo


  7. I love this article with the following except that I support Israel but not the politics of the Israeli Govt. In South African terms Netanyahu’s Government would be the equivalent of South Africa s AWB.

    I don’t believe the AWB s policies of racism and violence are compatible with Christian principles just as Netanyahu ‘s extreme right wings principles aren’t either.

    I am proud to pray and bless the nation of Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

    The author, Tshego, like myself, isn’t impressed with the ANC’s record I believe that doesn’t mean she is anti South Africa.

    If you aren’t happy with the ANC and rightly express your disapproval with them, I don’t see why my disapproval of the politics of Netanyahu’s extreme rightwing Government.

    If Tshego describes the ANC s Government as corrupt, hypcritcal and self-serving, Netanyahu s Government is no different and being Israeli doesnt absolve them with what we find objectionable with the ANC Government.

    It is important to note that before the Hamas (whom the ANC shamelessly dine and wine) tragedy, Netanyahu s Government was at the centre of a scandalous power grab that would have nullified the rule of law and shielded Netanyahu from prosecution from his corruption case. The Israeli nation was divided down the middle with marches by thousands of Israelis marching almost on a daily basis.

    Enough to say that Netanyahu s Govt is extremely unpopular in Israel hence anyone who would frown at the ANC s tyranny whilst failing to distinguish between Israeli Govt and the land of Israel falls foul of the same inconsistency of the ANC they are decrying.

    With all said and done I know that God allowed both the ANC and Netanyahu s Govt hence I submit under their authority whilst I don’t approve of their policies and misrule.

    I think Cristiandom needs a more nuanced and well considered definition of what support for Israel mean. W

    Meanwhile I pray that if it is the will of God we (RSA) be relieved of the ANC Government this coming election. I believe God is answering this prayer.

    • Some good points Rendani.
      On submitting to governments ‘appointed’ by God, I find that most Christians today (especially we South Africans), would hand in our two year old babies and under to Herod.

  8. Christians must recognize that as democracy, Israel does have politics hence they have good leaders and bad once.

    If as a South African Christian I rightly exercise the agency to rightly disapprove of ANC misrule, I don’t see why I am expected to support any brand of politics in Israel simply because they operate in Israel.

    If Christians are suggesting that policies of any Israeli Government are right by default, then let’s celebrate ANC rule with its concomitant loadshedding, corruption and buddy-buddy approach to foreign policy.

  9. It is important for us Christians to tamper our view abd regard of Israel with the reality that i want to illustrate with the following example:

    Say you are a born again husband and wife who have been praying and fasting to have a child for 20 years.

    You have received prophecies, visions from God that God would bless you with a baby boy who would be great in the kingdom of God.

    Finally, God blesses you with a baby boy but alas, contrary to expectation the boy meets and joins up with gangs and the wrong crowd.

    This son rises to the top of a criminal gang and orders executions, housebreakings, rapes and robberies.

    As husband and wife you cry out to God and remind God of the promise that the child would be great in the kingdom of God.

    Now as the parents of this boy are you going to support the current evil actions of this boy because of the promise that he would be holy and a great man of God?

    No good parents would love the boy and hold on to the promise of God but they would not go out into the street and say they support the evil actions of their son because he is a promised son.

    Instead, the parents would denounce the evil deeds but hold out steadfastly for the promised salvation of the son to manifest.

    This is what I believe to be the case with Israel.
    It is not the promised Israel that marched and set out to prevent a Christian revival by my pastor because they regard Christianity as an affront to Judaism.

    It is not the promised Israel that spit on the face of Christian pilgrims just because they belong to a different religion,

    It is not the promised Israel that desecrates Christian churches because they belong to a different religion.

    It is not the promised Israel that gives African migrants the option of a 1 way ticket back to Africa or be locked up in prison and

    It is not the promised Israel that practises the extreme 5 eyes for an eye (not even an eye for an eye).

    Nevertheless, we remain steadfast in our love for Israel because we know the promised restoration of nation Israel is forthcoming.

    It is however important to note that the promised Israel is yet to manifest hence we should channel our effort and support towards the restoration of the nation Israel instead of supporting the current actions of “a son who is yet to be born again”.

  10. Francois du Toit

    I agree 100%

  11. ‘Who knows, perhaps this decision to be an accuser of Israel may just be what is needed to hasten the judgment of God against the ANC government and deliver the people of South Africa from their corruption.’ Tshegofatso Motaung

    This I pray for Father, in the name of Jesus. Amen