The ‘apple of God’s eye’ and His Word – Angus Buchan

A monthly column by farmer, preacher and writer for Jesus, Angus Buchan

…the apple of His (God’s) eye.. – Zechariah 2:8

In spite of all that is going on at present in Israel, what with the uproar over moving the US embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem, the Golan Heights being recognised as belonging to Israel, and of course the rise of anti-Semitic sentiments to almost as bad as they were in the times of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime, Father God still watches over His ancient People, the apple of His eye — the Jews!

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I have just returned from being invited to be a keynote speaker at last week’s “Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast” — an amazing experience for me — and actually being present in the Knesset, (Jewish Parliament), which was nothing short of miraculous.

We met with representatives from literally every corner of the globe. It was very exciting indeed and made me realise once again that Jesus Christ has touched the whole world and is just so much bigger than you and I could ever imagine.

We arrived in Jerusalem a day before the prayer breakfast started, and so the organisers kindly organised for me to meet with the most famous archaeologist in Jerusalem, an old gentleman by the name of Gabriel.

We had tea together and then he graciously took us down to his workplace to show us some of his incredible finds, dating back 3 000 years — what a City Zion is indeed!

Why I was so very fascinated by his talk with us was because I am currently writing a new book about the authenticity, of the Bible — just how true and authentic it really is. As we know, it is being questioned and changed and tampered with by all sorts of people, in society and life to suit their own needs and lifestyles, etc.

Well, that old gentleman showed us actual physical evidence in the form of pottery, paving stones, inscriptions, etc. to prove that the events which took place in the Bible are really legitimate.

He said people are trying to disprove the Bible, to say that it is full of untruths and old wives’ tales, so that the Israeli nation will have no concrete right to inhabit the country, no legitimate right to be there.

Then, for me, the penny dropped. You see, my dear friend, once the devil can convince people that the Bible can’t trusted, that the validity of God’s Holy Word cannot be depended upon, that God’s promises are not “Yea and Amen “, then the breakdown of our very faith, our ethos, what we believe will crumble from the inside out .

As you know, I am a fundamentalist — in other words, I believe in God’s Holy Word from the Book of Genesis right through to the Book of Revelation, that it was written by Holy men under the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

It is Jesus in print — In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God — John 1:1.

Please guard the Bible with your very life because it is the very backbone of our faith.

God Bless

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