PETE GOOCH, Port Elizabeth organiser of the international prayer and worship movement, Burn, sets the scene for the next Burn event in the city, on Friday, July 15. NB: NOTE THE DATE CHANGE FROM THE 1st TO THE 15th OF JULY. He also highlights some other essential worship dates to diarise! You can contact Pete at for more info, or simply connect with the PE Burn 24-7 Facebook group [/notice]

Jesus asked you to pray to our Father, “your KINGDOM come on Earth as it is in Heaven ! ”  Do you see the link ? Yes, earth being like heaven, but its because in heaven His KINGDOM is reigning !
We’ve heard alot about seeing, healings etc. on earth and I couldn’t agree more but we read extensively in Revelation ( 15 times ) about the “Activity of heaven” and there is clearly a lot of WORSHIP going on. In fact 24-7 the throne room is filled with beings singing HOLY HOLY!

Jesus’ mandate is His KINDGOM; seeing it advance and beING establisted in PE; yes, anywhere through believers ( ’cause we are the church ) releasing His Kingdom. Actually living it, at school, uni, work, etc.
Burn is NOT a church plant, its heart is to bring momentum into PE’s “churches” (especially worship teams) and believers, through uniting with God’s will ( Jesus’ heart CRY John 15 “May we be one” one in heart and purpose. His Kingdom is not divided) and pursuing the “activity of heaven” – true worship.

Burn encourages us not just to sing 5 songs over 30 minutes , but gives space to sing new songs, freedom to wait on Him and dwell in our King’s throne room, saying: God we are sacrificing our comforts and privileges to pursue, dwell in your presence and establish your Kingdom as we become more like our KING!
Not coming to be entertained, but as Burn founder Sean Feucht says: ” Not around a pulpit but around the Anointed One “.

Burn is a free evening (no offering will be taken). It’s hosted by different churches or venues and is open to ALL ages and denominations. (Editor’s note: Come on old toppies – if you are still reading you can do it!)

The end of May was PE’s last Burn ( with visionary Sean Feucht ) What a powerful time together ! We declared prophetically over PE ” We release the sound that breaks through the atmosphere” and the next day the first of PE’s consistent rains started, and it continued and has now broken the drought as the heavens were opened both spiritually and physically !

The evening had over 10 churches united with a great cross cultural mix (friends from the Northern areas) and ended with guys “jiving” to some African favorites.

Take a look at the following video clip of us singing the above powerful refrain in unison at the last PE Burn!

So Friday the 15th of July will be PE’s 1st official PORT ELIZABETH Burn, as local church teams will be taking one hour slots, The Burn will start at 7pm and should end around 12pm — if we can stop!

Save these hot worship dates ( more info to follow ) !!

United Pursuit Band from USA ( Original Burn guys from Knoxville)  in PE for two nights,  August 16 at Harvest  / August 17 at Vineyard ( Leaders time.)

11 11 11  is declared the “Global day of Worship” We are wanting to do 24 hrs of Worship , get involved !

Sean expounding  more on – What is Burn ?

Go to for more Burn info and history. Over 100 Cities across the World have caught this vision !

Rev 11:15  – A crescendo of voices in Heaven sang out, The kingdom of the world is now the Kingdom of our God and his Messiah! He will rule forever and ever!

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  1. Thank you JESUS for having PE on YOUR map!! Thanx Pete and the PE-BURN Team for all your efforts and pursuit of God’s Kingdom in our precious city! Much love, Ellenor