The Christian life of influence: make yours count!

Defending family, faith and freedom

The Bible clearly indicates that evil will always be with us. Going right back to the first family, the righteous line of Seth and the unrighteous line of Cain will remain in a conflict of worldviews.

Evil will never be completely eradicated (in this age). But it can be contained. Christians are commanded by God to overcome evil with good. When good people dominate – evil dissipates.

Conversely, when evil people are freely allowed to propagate their destructive ideas – often without opposition – those ideas take root in society with devastating consequences.

During my travels around the world, I discovered cities overwhelmed by sin. The absence of the witness and presence of God was tangible. Paganism has infiltrated most of Europe – a continent with a strong Christian heritage. Christianity has lost its influence in Europe mainly due to apathy.

However, there are parts of the world where Christian influence still prevails. For example, some cities in the US are sold out to the devil – while others maintain the tangible presence of God.

It comes down to influence
What it essentially comes down to is influence. Whether the righteous line of Seth or the unrighteous line of Cain dominates culture – depends on conviction, passion and commitment.

Evil prospers when good people do nothing. Consequently, evil prevails in the absence of the influence of godly people. Essentially, the righteous have given the unrighteous a free reign.

Journalist, Taariq Halim notes in a thesis entitled “No nudes is good news – Why Cape Town tabloid newspapers dumped the (naked) Page 3 girl” that newspaper editors have singled me out as one of the most vocal critics of nudity in newspapers. My voice for righteousness was eventually heard.

Other examples, were the campaigns launched against E-TV, Multichoice/DStv and Top-TV – that successfully prevented the launch of 24 hour pornography channels on South African television.

With each successful campaign against evil, we increase the influence of righteousness in society.

The safety and dignity of women and children are enhanced when you and I fulfil our Biblical mandate to advance the righteousness of God in society. However, we still have a long way to go.

Cities and nations where unrighteousness dominates, indicate that righteous people have capitulated. When good people surrender their values – moral chaos and despair must follow.

Yesterday’s news headline “New York Plunges into Darkness, Despair!” may therefore be prophetic.

In yesterday’s “Watchmen on the Wall” on TBN Africa – DStv channel 341 we screened  part 2 of our ground-breaking programme on the reality of “Prostitution in South Africa.” The programme featured heart-rending interviews with three young women rescued from a life of abuse and sexual slavery. It also featured an ex-crime syndicate enforcer speaking candidly about his former life. All of them were rescued by Christians actively engaged in society.

I am convinced, the more Christians are actively involved in advancing the righteousness of God in society – the more we will witness righteousness overcoming evil in our communities.

Christianity is all about influence. If you and I are not positively influencing our culture – we have abandoned our primary objective – and that is taking the Gospel into every area of life.

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