The Christians driving the Ottawa trucker convoy

By Nate Hochman — Originally published in National Review

As more protesters flock to the Ottawa trucker convoy to protest Canada’s pandemic restrictions, the movement has taken on an explicitly Christian tone. Signs, makeshift food stands, and truck doors throughout the event are covered in Christian iconography and passages of Biblical scripture.

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This morning [Monday], I attended the protest’s daily “Jericho March”, which takes place every morning at 9am The assembled crowd, which attracted around 50 attendees despite the weather sitting at five degrees below zero, walked a lap around Parliament Hill, carrying horns and trumpets as symbolic tribute to the Biblical story of Jericho. “In the book of Joshua, the Lord guided Joshua and his army to march around Jericho,” Benita Peterson, the organiser of the Jericho March, told me. “So the simple version of it is, they marched around once a day for six days, and on the seventh day of the march, seven times — they blew their horns, and the walls came down.” (On Thursdays, the Ottawa march happens at 7am, and protesters take seven full laps around Parliament Hill instead of just one.)

Religious faith coloured the entire event, which kicked off with a series of short speeches, a prayer from a pastor, and a rendition of the Lord’s Prayer and the Canadian national anthem. “Our leaders have forgotten that this country recognises God as supreme,” Peterson told the crowd through a bullhorn. “Even our Charter of Rights acknowledges the supremacy of God. And so our presence here is a way of reminding them of that. And our goal is that our actions today will contribute to a changing of minds and hearts. We’ve demonstrated peaceful protest for several days now. And every day they see us in peace. We march in peace, we dance in peace — we even play hockey!” (The last remark was punctuated with cheers from onlookers.)

The influx of Christians from across Canada is a new development, and a sign that the Ottawa protest is expanding beyond the truckers who initiated it. While some of the truckers are Christians, and Peterson says the two groups are “in communication” — “I still need to talk to some more truckers because we want to coordinate a special horn honking thing on Thursday,” she tells me — the growing congregant of Christians at the convoy is a distinct group. Many of the protesters I talked to this morning came from across the country, some embarking on multi-day trips just to get here. “I caught a ride with a trucker from Alberta to Ontario — the whole trip took me four days,” Peterson said. “Three days to get to Ontario, and then part way through Ontario, I caught a ride with a different trucker. And then I was here.”

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  1. Hugh George WETMORE

    This is nothing to brag about. Christians are Christ-followers, learning from Christ and following His example. He would never have aligned Himself with those who selfishly do not care whether they unknowingly infect others with a serious disease like Covid. At least 80% of those hospitalised due to Covid have NOT been fully vaccinated. Jesus would take the jab in order not to infect others. He thought of Others first. That’s why He died – for Others. The watching world needs to see Truckers and others on the side of saving lives, not potentially harming them. But now now they see ‘Christians’ caring only for themselves, not caring whether they possibly infect Others.

  2. I wish to reply to HUGH GEORGE WETMORE. Frankly speaking you have no idea what you are talking about – so best to keep quiet. The truckers are not selfish at all, but unlike people like you that have not dug deeper enough into the vaccine, they are taking their stand against their own bodies what they allow in them. Unlike you, the government has told you what to do and you did it by saying “yes sir” – puppet of the ANC!!! Jesus would NOT HAVE TAKEN THE JAB, as if you know your bible, (which you don’t) in Acts 10 it says that: Jesus went about doing good and HEALING all who were oppressed by the DEVIL. Everywhere Jesus went he healed people, not one was left sick after he healed them. Again read: MY BODY is the temple of the Holy Spirit and nothing should be put into it that would defile it. I’m bought with a price, the blood of Jesus.
    Get your further facts right as well. 99% of Israel has been vaccinated. The virus still spread. Then the third shot was given, the virus still spread in VACCINATED PEOPLE mind you. Then the booster was given – the virus still spread. Now how many more jabs must be given of this poison before it works?
    When the measles and mumps, chicken pox, etc was and is still given to babies and kids, only ONE, ONE, is given not FOUR or five or boosters. Nothing has been said about the MILLIONS of people who have even testified before Congress in America about leaving them either paralyzed, or with other deformities, like Bells Palsy, blood clots, myocarditis, and many many more health problems. Do yourself a favor and start educating yourself before speaking or offering your opinion.
    If anyone is selfish it is you.

  3. Amen to Desiree …
    I am also of the believe that the Blood of Jesus is there to protect me , far better than the money making things of unknown content.. Jesus would not take the injection… As it is not from God , but an anti-christ starter to slowly make people believe what the One World Government wants them to follow….

  4. Hugh George WETMORE

    Thank you, Desiree and Lodewyk, for taking time to present your viewpoint. The Bible you know so well tells us plainly that the plague was sent by God, not the Devil (as you allege). Read 2 Chronicles 7:13 against the background of Deuteronomy 28, where our loving heavenly Father promises 12 verses of His Blessings for obedience and 54 verses of His Curses for disobedience.

    Your statistics from Israel invite the question: Is the current nation of Israel generally obeying God, or could it be that their rejection of Messiah Jesus is bringing curses instead of blessings (Vax or No-Vax)? I am not sure, so do not speak dogmatically. But the question is valid in terms of Deuteronomy 28.

    In SA, 80% of Covid cases in hospital have NOT been vaccinated. So I take the way of wisdom and get the jab. People take daily doses of prescribed pills, and multiple ‘Flu injections, so what’s wrong with multiple boosters? Why does anti-Covid medicine “defile” my body, but my anti-cholesterol medicine does not defile it? Are you anti all medicines?

    Yes, Jesus does heal – I can testify to dramatic healing. But He does not always heal all people – He only healed ONE person of the many who wanted healing at the Pool of Bethesda. Please realise there is another valid side to the Vaccination debate about which you are so dogmatic.

    Who is the “selfish person? Those who try to preserve “their own bodies”, or those who take the jab to prevent spreading Covid to Others? I believe Jesus would take the jab for the sake of Others, just as He unselfishly went to the cross for the sake of Others.