The Cross, The Resurrection and The Church!

Defending family, faith and freedom

As we approach the weekend that celebrates the most epochal event in human history I am compelled to reflect on the greater purpose of Jesus’ death, resurrection and victory on the cross.

The battle to overcome the ravages of sin won a decisive victory at the cross of Calvary. The enemy’s stranglehold over mankind was finally destroyed and redemption became a personal reality.

Most Christians I come across underestimate the awesome power, authority and responsibility of the church in the earth. The church has a mission – and that mission is to transform the world.

However, God’s redemptive plan for mankind did not end there. Another epochal event followed the death and resurrection of the Saviour of the world just 40 days later on the Day of Pentecost.

Following the victory of the cross, God’s comprehensive plan for mankind’s redemption was unveiled with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the church of Christ in the earth.

Consequently, the church is God’s mission to the world. Two thousand years later and the church remains His only valid representative and the only vehicle through which He transforms nations.

The Bible believing church is God’s agent for change in the earth and the only legitimate authority representing His will for mankind. God works through His church &and the church works through Him!

Most Christians I come across underestimate the awesome power, authority and responsibility of the church in the earth. The church has a mission – and that mission is to transform the world.

When the Body of Christ withdraws into its sanctuaries and ignores the moral decay in society, it diminishes its power and abdicates responsibility to exert God’s authority over the world system.

A study released by the Independent Electoral Commission revealed an alarming loss of trust in political institutions. However, trust in religious body’s increased exponentially. What this means is that more people are turning to the church for answers – than to political institutions.

This shift in mindsets presents a major opportunity for the church to provide solutions to the many challenges facing the nation. The church must use this window to articulate its message that effective governance is not possible without accepting the Biblical principle of self-governance.

The rampant corruption in government indicates a dire lack of self-government in our political leaders. One way of cleaning up government is to train and mobilise hundreds of self-governed Bible-based Christians to enter the political arena to exert Godly authority and influence.

The death of Christ on the cross & His subsequent resurrection released the awesome power, wisdom and authority of God in the lives of His disciples to empower them to be world changers.

South Africa needs more involvement and influence from the church of Christ and less political posturing that produces more heat than light. Christian leaders must use the growing trust in the Church to present God’s Word as the only viable solution to the failure of humanistic politics.

God’s purpose for the church in the earth is that we not just establish His authority in our local sanctuaries but that we actively advance His sovereign will and way into every sphere of life.

The Easter Weekend is a timely reminder that the victory for this battle is already assured. Arlene and I wish you and your family a Christ centered Easter Weekend. May you grow in the knowledge, power & authority of Him who gave His best that you and I might have abundant life.

Errol Naidoo

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  1. Ceasar Walthour Jr

    The power, authourity, and victory that a believer has because of the blood that was shed is limitless. live in that anointing by embracing God’s gift to you. Grace