The e-tolls phenomenon and the vaccines — Alain Walljee

It seems like just the other day that the whole e-toll saga was laid to rest in South Africa. After government had enforced the system on our Gauteng roads citizens engaged in civil disobedience, as we resisted the system and refused to pay amounts owed to the e-tolling company. And although I was in Pretoria at the time, I often had to travel to Johannesburg and surrounds. Even when I relocated back home to Port Elizabeth, I found myself traversing the N1 and got my fair share of e-toll accounts due for payment. 

But here is the phenomenon I wish to refer to. Our government made plans in secret, made secret deals, and then enforced that decision upon an unwitting public. This is what I call the E-toll Phenomenon.

The same phenomenon is currently playing itself out with regard to Covid-19 vaccination in South Africa. Now if the leaked Albania purchase agreement with Pfizer is anything to go by, and if I assume that a similar kind of contract was entered into with our country, our government would have gone into a contract with the giant pharmaceutical companies to pay upfront for millions of doses of their vaccines, which they now have to enforce upon the nation to justify that enormous expenditure. 

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The leaked Albanian vaccine contract between Pfizer and the government of Albania has sent some shockwaves through social media last year after it surfaced. The document was first published by the Albanian independent media outlet in January 2021. A draft copy of the contract is available on The leaked contract stated, under Invoice & Payment, that the purchaser has to pay upfront. Now if the agreement between Pfizer and the other vaccine manufacturers are anything like the Albanian contract, then why would be different in terms of invoicing and payment? Interestingly, the Albanian government has signed another contract with Pfizer and actually stated that it will not be published on any government website or in the “Official Gazette” due to trade secrets! 

But the deals were made in secret and the product enforced upon an unwitting public, just as in Albania with their second Pfizer contract. 

But what is even more alarming about these Covid vaccines is not that they are rolled out, but that for perhaps the first time, the full truth about them is not being shared with the public who is expected to take the vaccines. Nurses and health officials who administer the vaccines cannot produce leaflets identifying the ingredients of the vaccines or possible adverse effects, etc. and therefore there can really never be informed consent.

Some political leaders and parliamentary members, specifically from the ACDP, insist on calling these vaccines experimental. But why? Well, because the vaccines have been authorised for emergency use only and do not yet have approval as vaccines. Why not? Because they are still in clinical trials! Yes, you heard me right. The vaccines being rolled out are still in clinical trials 2 & 3 which is being run concurrently in terms of the “urgency” and emergency status of the vaccines. Trials for Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca will all only be completed in 2023!

There are a few things to take from the fact that these vaccines are still under trial. They cannot be said to be fully safe, as all the long-term data are not in yet. So, the long-term adverse reactions of the vaccines are not known yet, nor can it be known. In contrast, for example, it took three decades to develop a safe and effective vaccine against Hepatitis A. It took two decades to release the earliest publication on the first Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine clinical trials. The first pandemic that matched influenza was documented in 1580, with the “Spanish flu” pandemic occurring in 1918. The first trials to develop a vaccine against flu were in 1930. The first vaccine for flu to be approved for public use in the US was in 1945.

Vaccines take a lot of time because you have to document the long-term effects of the vaccines and you need that information in order to establish if the risk of using the vaccine outweighs the risk of not using it. There can be no long-term effects data on the current covid vaccines as there had been no time to develop them yet.

Another interesting thing to learn from history is that we never needed a vaccine to get out of a pandemic before! Let that sink in…

This begs a few questions, at least in my mind, and it is mind-boggling if it does not demand some answers in your view:

  • If these vaccines are still in trial phase, why are they being mandated by companies?
  • Why do government and outlets (pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and doctors), including the Department of Health, not publicly inform the nation that these vaccines are still in trial phase and all the safety data is not in yet?
  • In terms of the leaked Albanian vaccine contract, “Purchaser acknowledges that the long-term effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse effects of the Vaccine that are not currently known.” If this is the case for South Africa, why would our government accept those terms and not share that information with the public?
  • Our laws, specifically Section 12 of the Constitution and Section 71 of the National Health Act 61 of 2003 require informed consent for any medical and experimental treatment. Did our government deliberately omit to the public that the safety data and long-term adverse reaction data were unavailable at the time of purchase of these vaccines? 
  • With government now seriously pursuing legislating mandatory vaccination, why are they insisting on not sharing the full truth about the vaccines with the public?
  • And why has government not actively pursued studies to show the efficacy of natural immunity to covid-19, which credible studies, including the CDC in the USA, have shown to be more effective than vaccine induced immunity and that natural immunity is longer lasting?
  • Why this urgency over vaccines for which all the data is not known yet and therefore cannot be declared safe for human use in the first place?

It seems to me that just like the e-tolls, we are made to pay – this time with our health and our lives – for government’s secret deals and public enforcement of those deals in their own interest and not in the interest, let alone health interest, of the nation during a pandemic!

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  1. Hugh George WETMORE

    So you say “There are a few things to take from the fact that these vaccines are still under trial. They cannot be said to be fully safe, as all the long-term data are not in yet. ” This is not true – ask Google “Are Covid vaccines still on trial? You will find that the ones recommended for us in SA have passed their trials and are deemed safe for use.

  2. Hi Hugh
    There have been so many lies about the vaccines, good and bad, that you can’t trust what Google or the Government tells you about it, especially our Government. The vaccines are “deemed safe” but haven’t been tested in the long term. There have been Christian medical experts who are against it and Christian medical experts who are for it. Time will tell. However I do not for a moment think that Jesus would have taken it. He would have laughed about it, I would imagine. Where is your faith He would say. The worst disease or virus in the universe cannot survive near Him.