The ISIS Crisis — What You Really Need to Know: Book Review

isis crisis
Book Review by Val Viljoen

Title: The ISIS Crisis — What you really need to know
Authors: Charles H Dyer, Mark Tobey

ISIS – the name evokes fear and dread.

Who are they? What are their origins? What distinguishes them from other groups? What are the implications of this group for Israel? Could they play a role in end times?

If these are questions you would like answered, this is a book you should read.

The authors draw on history, current events and biblical prophecy to answer these questions and more in this timely book.

It is a successful (yet concise) attempt to explain many of the intricacies of the Middle East. Divisions in Islam, the various people groups of the region, kinds of governments in the different countries, conflict over oil and water and the role of the US are all explored, giving context to the emergence and goals of ISIS.

Also addressed is the question of the Christian response to this crisis. What is the bigger picture? Who is the real enemy? How do we deal with our fear?

These are important questions. I would encourage you to read this book.

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