The Jakes Are Missing: Movie Review

jakesMovie Review by Neziswa Kanju

The Jakes Are Missing
Romantic Comedy
Written and Produced: Bianca Isaacs
Showing in cinemas now

I just want to be happy! Do you want to be happy? so sings Kirk Franklin in his latest chart topping hit ‘Wanna Be Happy’ that is currently dominating our radio stations. Janice Jakes (Mampho Brescia) finds herself faced with this conclusion; “I WANT TO BE HAPPY!” She finds herself at a crossroads of life where she has a great job; a beautiful house; has all the material possessions that she wants but inside she is slowly withering away as her marriage and family life are falling apart. She and her husband, Donald Jakes (Pope Jerrod), are both caught up in their careers and neglect being there for each other. Constantly fighting about everything, especially agreeing how to raise their son this. unending battle brings such tension to the marriage to the point where they end up seeing a therapist.  With the therapist asking both of them if they want out of the marriage Janice says “I think so”. She is not sure if she wants to end her marriage what she is sure of is “She is not happy”.

She wants more. More from life and more from her husband who seems caught up in his work. In an instant their lives change as their son is unfortunately a witness to a murder scene and becomes a target putting their family at risk. They have to relocate to a smaller town, are hosted by a pastoral couple and assume new identities: the question is will this change of scenery and lifestyle be a change in their relationship or will they take their problems with them too? Will they find what they have been looking for? Will Janice find the happiness that she so desperately wants? With the material possessions and conveniences stripped away. will they find their way back to each other? Will their family dynamic, especially their parenting, change when they are confronted with protecting what is most dear to them? Will they find themselves having common goals instead of feeling pulled apart?

Compelling story
The Jakes are Missing makes for a compelling story especially in this day and age where pursuing material wealth and good social standing seems to be the goal of many.

This film is for all married couples whether you have lost the spark or are still experiencing the honeymoon stage of your relationship. It helps rekindle the love as it makes us confront what is really important.

Respected artist Abigail Kubheka gives a heart warming performance as the pastor’s wife Grace.  She helps steer Janice into realising her need for family. She shares with her some of the life changing decisions that she had to make in her life. She is content, fulfilled in her choice and most importantly happy…

The Jakes are Missing deals not only with marriage but also with motherhood. Motherhood has somewhat changed in these modern times where women can choose whether to be mothers or focus on their careers.

The Jakes find themselves at a crossroads as they realise “We became one of those couples who got everything but became unhappy. We can change that”

You can change that too…


  1. Sabera Mashiane

    Great article, just watched the trailer and after reading this review, Im definitely watching the movie soon.

  2. Neziswa N Kanju

    You will not be disappointed Sabera. It is a great movie! Enjoy!!!