The living grief of loving an addict wholeheartedly — Hannah Viviers


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“Mom help me!” my son pleaded. “I’m addicted to heroin …”

He was twelve.

Those are words NO parent EVER wishes to hear from their child. And yet, Nishani Ford heard those very words spoken to her by her twelve year old child.

He’d been missing for two days. When he finally came home, he sat on the bed across from her and told her.

How does a parent compute that their little boy, only 12, is an addict?

Nishani had to not only compute but face the reality of what that meant for all of them from that moment on.

She was determined to help her son — but she knew that no matter what happened, she couldn’t stop living herself in a bid to save him.

In the interview below, Nishani calls the pain she carries over her son ‘living grief’.

But even in that agony, Nishani has refused to let life pass her by.

It’s with this experience that Nishani hopes to reach out to others who have loved ones struggling with addiction.

It’s why she’s writing her book Wholehearted. To provide hope, testimony, and the much needed support she believes those who love addicts, also, so desperately need.

Watch more on this story in the video below:

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