The promises of God are Yes and Amen!

Defending family, faith and freedom
If the first few weeks of 2012 are anything to go by, then you and I are in for an awesome year! In my first update of this year, I predicted 2012 will be the year of breakthrough & God’s favour.

And God is true to His promise. Following TopTV CEO, Vino Govender’s insistence that “porn is harmless” and must be introduced on SA television, the ODM board asked him to resign. TopTV’s disastrous attempts to launch three 24 hour porn channels in SA sent a message to other broadcasters that the Church will not tolerate it. Govender damaged TopTV’s brand & lost his job in the process. Vino Govender dismissed our valid concerns and God judged him for his arrogance.

Another man defying the Church’s valid concerns is Shane Harrison, owner of Mavericks strip club. Mavericks have been trafficking women into SA as “exotic dancers” using false permits. Harrison has also erected giant billboards of half-naked women promoting adultery across the city. Shane Harrison reminds me of Lolly Jackson, another strip club boss that defied convention and mocked Christians. He died in a hail of bullets in 2010. His killer was never apprehended.

But in another important breakthrough, the Western Cape High Court denied Mavericks appeal against the Department of Home Affairs, withdrawal of its corporate permits. The strip club reportedly used the permits to traffick women into the country and then lost contact with them. In Dec 2011, FPI arranged a public protest outside Mavericks strip club in Cape Town to focus attention on the sexual exploitation, abuse and trafficking taking place in these venues. Thankfully, the giant Mavericks billboard on the N1 freeway in CT has finally been removed.

Breakthrough number three was the news that Julius Malema lost his appeal against his five year suspension from the ANC. Malema has 14 days to request the Disciplinary Committee reduce his sentence – a prospect that appears unlikely – before he is cast into the political wilderness. Malema rose to national prominence for inciting racial tensions, instigating national economic uncertainty and thuggish behaviour. The liberal media lapped up his mindless buffoonery, slavishly reporting his every word. Malema also faces investigations for dodgy financial activity.

Thousands of Christians prayed for God’s intervention in the Malema issue, the porn threat from TopTV and the exploitation and abuse of women and teens by strip clubs like Mavericks. The events over the past few weeks prove that God not only hears our prayers, He also answers them.

I hope you are as emboldened as I am. 2012 is the indeed the year of God’s government. I am also encouraged to witness breakthrough in areas FPI has been labouring for years. Since God established Family Policy Institute in 2007 to defend the family and advance Biblical Christian values in Parliament, the media and general society – I have seen much progress. Fighting the good fight is not the ministry of just one individual. God has called you and me and every member of His Church to be “Salt and Light” in society. A role we dare not ignore. When you and I play our part, God rewards our prayers and efforts with breakthrough in the areas we feel inadequate and overwhelmed. Trust God for great things in 2012 and you will see it!

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  1. Sylvia Tawana-Masilo

    Hi, Errol
    I thank God for the authority He has given us as christians in 2012. Indeed 2012 is the year of God Governance.

    Another issue that has happen to proof that God is in control is the fall of Kenny Kunene(the sushi man who eat on naked women).

    In 2012 all satanic altars of many generations controlling the earth will be broken in Jesus name, Amen.