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The negative publicity generated by the anti-porn mass boycott of is beginning to take effect. Apparently, advertisers are also concerned about the channel’s anti-family programming schedule.

Alarmingly, e-tv has revealed two conflicting and very deceptively different faces in their response to this issue – one to the Christian complainants and the media, and another to their advertisers.

e-tv’s standard response to the thousands of Christians who lodged complaints about “Naked News” and other pornographic content on the channel was an arrogant defence of their “right” to abuse freedom of expression to sexually exploit women and expose children to harmful content.

In sharp contrast, and in response to the cancellation of an advertising campaign on the channel, e-tv shockingly claimed to be a channel of “high family values.”  In their bizarre response to the agency, apportions blame to outside forces and claims a “pro-family” programming schedule.

Nothing can be further from the truth! has deservedly earned the reputation of a “tacky” and “sleazy” broadcaster – even from liberals. In fact, the channel has consistently been anti-family.

But it appears’s pro-pornographic programming schedule has already offended some of their advertisers and consequently threatened their much needed advertising revenue.

And there is nothing like an exodus of advertisers to challenge the channel’s anti-family policies.

Many Christians have called for a targeted boycott of products advertised on Perhaps writing to these companies warning about advertising on will apply more pressure on the channel.

A list of products & company’s advertising on E-tv was posted on the FPI Facebook page. Please take the time to write to these company’s about E-tv’s harmful and anti-family programs.

I am not convinced by E-tv’s sudden family-friendly about turn. This is obviously a desperate attempt to retain their advertisers and more significantly – exposes the channel’s Achilles heel.

You and I must maintain the pressure and send a clear message to and other broadcasters that the Body of Christ will not relent in its quest to clean up our airwaves to protect the family.

The good news is the negative publicity generated by the anti-porn campaign is beginning to impact the channel. I will request an undertaking from management confirming they will cancel all sexually explicit content and adopt a more family-friendly approach to broadcasting.

Until we have that, let’s maintain the pressure on by warning their advertisers of the boycott.

FPI Out and About

I was privileged to speak at the “Rahab Rope of Hope” Conference at Worcester Christian Church in Worcester, in the W/Cape on 3 June. Pastor Johan Schoonraad leads a dynamic Church there.

I met with Deputy Provincial Commissioner of Police, Major General Sharon Japhta at SAPS HQ in Cape Town on 6 June to discuss our work to rescue women and girls from prostitution and trafficking.

On 10 June I met with Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Fatima Chohan at Parliament to discuss legislation to block internet pornography as well as porn on national free-to-air television.

On 15 June FPI convened a strategic meeting with the City of Cape Town, the Provincial Dept of Social Services, SAPS and Christian ministries involved in rescuing women from prostitution.

Arlene and I travelled to Kimberley on 17 June where I shared the vision of FPI with Pastors on 18 June and preached at City of Hope Church in Kimberley for Ps Andre and Desire Venter on 19 June.

On 21 June I attended the Home Affairs Budget Vote in Parliament and later, a preview screening of the movie “Trust” hosted by the Film & Publication Board at the Waterfront in Cape Town.

FPI in the Media

I participated in several radio and press interviews in response to the Broadcasting Complaints Commissions ruling that found ‘nothing wrong with women stripping naked on national TV.’

See Business Day article here. And The Citizen article here.

My comments on same-sex “marriage” were broadcast on ‘Talk SA’ on SABC 2 on 28 June.

On a Personal Note

I Turn 50 today (30 June). The first week of July 2011 also marks 3 years since Family Policy Institute went fully operational. I want to thank & honour God for both these important milestones.

Looking back, I realise I have very little to complain about – but a lot to be grateful for.

I am grateful to God for my salvation and for guiding and protecting me for 50 years. I am grateful for my wife Arlene and our 25 years of marriage. I am especially grateful for my beautiful family.

I am also grateful to God for my calling and for entrusting me with the ministry of FPI. I am grateful for all the wonderful friends I met through this ministry and for their love and encouragement. I am also grateful for every partner in this ministry. Without you this vital work will not be possible.

Thank you for standing with me in defence of the family & for upholding Christian values in SA.


Errol Naidoo

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