‘This is Roar Worship — a new, rainbow nation, sound of heaven’

The Roar Worship movement was birthed out of the unifying of the citywide church, representing all cultures, denominations and races.
Port Elizabeth songwriter, arranger Alison Gooch shares on the journey of a citywide worship movement from dream to ready-to-show-the-world what they have been passionately pursuing for more than a decade.

Have you ever had a dream to make a significant impact for the Lord with your life? Mine has been to release a world class sound. It’s been alive inside of me since I was a young girl. At first, in its articulation, it would have probably sounded a little immature and self-focused, but as my gracious, loving Father has patiently journeyed with me, it has now materialised into a picture of something that I believe would make Him proud, serve His purposes and give Him glory.

This is Roar Worship. This is a movement of musicians who love to worship their King, who believe that excellence reflects Him, but that His Presence is our ultimate pursuit. Who believe that God delights in a heartfelt unity, as well as an understanding and honour of diversity. This last sentence depicts God’s heart for South Africa and it should be captured in the sound we release to King Jesus.

Impact of Burn 24/7
There’s been a momentum of more than 10 years building towards this moment where we find ourselves announcing an expression of Heaven through our city’s musicians! Much of this momentum has been established through the global movement of Burn 24/7. The Burn 24/7 movement has made such a significant impact on our citywide relationships, owing to the fact that we gather under its banner to release worship over Port Elizabeth. Our combined passion for this powerful purpose has drawn us as musicians into this place of combining our creativity and offering it up as a unique expression. We thank the Lord for the day He brought Sean Feucht (Global leader of Burn 24/7) to Port Elizabeth.

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The entire process was a journey of faith, trusting in the promise that was to come and being fully convinced that God would provide within His perfect timing.

In terms of the quality we were trusting for and achieved, the budget for this album should have been around R200 000. But, we lacked the resources, expertise and equipment to make this happen. All I personally possessed, was a prophetic word given to me in 2014 about a live album with people from many churches on the front cover, that this album would be fully funded, make His renown known in Africa and reach the United States of America. The word also mentioned that there would be a song on this album that would cause so much life all over the world. But, this word remained in me for two years before the time came to act upon it. As we embraced the season of the manifestation of this word, we begun to invite those worshippers and musicians who God earmarked to join us (my husband and I), as we sought Him for the songs and the sound to be captured. God blessed us with a team comprising of representation from 12 churches!

Precious assignment
Shortly after the rehearsals begun, we met a woman who gave me a word about a heavenly sound she felt was to be released from Port Elizabeth. She also saw a picture of cogs on the back of a clock. She felt that the Holy Spirit was cautioning me to carefully respond to the “clicks” of His instruction in order to not miscarry this precious assignment. This word became a life source and a reminder in the following season. Because, as prophesied, not one instruction would come until the previous one had been fulfilled.

I walked blindly, but confidently, from rehearsals with the musicians, to recording the sound, and then into the filming… Not knowing before the final moment where, when and how each of these processes would be accomplished. And yet today, I stand with the finished product before me, remembering the Scripture which says: He is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us. — Ephesians 3:20

This entire process wasn’t smooth sailing. There was an intense spiritual battle which ensued over people’s life choices and over my own health. I now understand the weight of carrying something that you think might “sound like a great idea”, and yet really be so, so much more than that.

Roar Worship’s first live recording was recorded and filmed in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Now, we are at the place where we are launching this movement and letting the world see what we’ve been busy with. We don’t know what the Lord wants to do with this exactly, but we once again follow Him by faith, knowing that He is more trustworthy than any other. It is a marvelous thing to see gifting that your Heavenly Father places within you, produce miraculous and exceptional fruit. Even this departure point is beyond anything I could have conceived, and for this, I boast in Him.

The quality of this rainbow nation release: percussive, infused with harmony, lyrically provoking and structurally pioneering in its prolonged tracks and gear changing thematic movements, has been crafted with an ear to the ground.

May you hear the roar of our King over South Africa bleeding through every note and nuance. Come, Lord Jesus… Do a new thing in this nation!

The first single release Refiners Fire from our live worship recording will be coming soon to all music platforms. Our citywide launch event details will be released soon.

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  1. John and Penny Gooch

    PTL for what the Father is and has done through ROAR

  2. Brad & Gabi Wills

    Ali you beaut! We love you and are so inspired by who you are. Pete – you are also a champion. Continue to be fruitful in expressing what God has for us in South Africa.

  3. Cathy von Zweigbergk

    Love the sound you’ve created. Well done.