Time fixed for Karoo Mighty Men Conference 2015

Glorious Karoo sunset at KMMC 2014. (PHOTO: Rob Southey).

The dates have been set for the fifth Karoo Mighty Men Conference (KMMC), which will take place from  April 24 to 26, 2015 on the outskirts of Middelburg in the Eastern Cape on Rusoord Farm.

If past years are anything to go by the event will be marked by the glory of the Lord being revealed in spirit and in truth; from the beauty of His sunrises and sunsets to His hand in saving souls and restoring relationships.

For those who have not attended a KMMC, the seemingly never-ending Karoo plains, framed by the majestic Sneeuberg mountains form an ideal venue for getting away from the maddening crowds to worship God and experiencing His glory in freedom and in silence.

It is a setting that humbles you with a peace that is witness to the Lord of lords and King of kings.

KMMC organisers believe people attending the conference will experience the presence of God and His greatness in the vast calm and quiet of the Karoo farm at the foot of Rhenosterberg.

The work of God was evident indeed at last year’s KMMC. Worship leader Retief Burger said: “We had God-encountering moments and many radical conversions”.

Pastor Eldin Rudolph from the Celebration Centre in Port Alfred said one of the biggest blessings for him was seeing the sunsets and beauty of the Karoo, as well as being able to sit out under the night stars praising God and seeing grown men’s lives change as they received Jesus Christ as their saviour, dismissing bitterness and resentment from their lives.

“We had wonderful opportunities for fellowship. We sat around the fire with neighbouring campers singing songs accompanied by men playing guitars until two-o’-clock in the morning.

Seeking God’s face
“It was also heartening, as one walked through the campsite, to experience and see the commitment of people praying in groups and sincerely seeking God’s face ,” says Rudolph.

Pastor Stef Davi, of the Full Gospel Church in East London said for him the most enjoyable aspect of KMMC was the fellowship and the way the Spirit of God brought him fresh revelations of old teachings through people at the conference.

“Preparing meals and eating together, and chatting together provided a rich time of connecting – a time that we wouldn’t normally have at church – especially since we arrived a day early, on the Thursday, which allowed us to have a relaxed time enjoying each other’s company.

“Our group really was blessed by KMMC 2014,” said Davi. 

Jannie Moolman, KMMC co-ordinator, says relationships are at the heart of the event, which allows for an enriching time with the Lord and fellow conference goers in a genuine time of fellowship.

“Men are encouraged to focus on their relationships, starting with their relationship with the Lord God Almighty and extending to families, neighbours and friends … even the people they have conflict with, for it is a time of forgiving, letting go of resentment, being healed and renewed in body, mind and spirit.

“It is a time of making new friends, sharing testimonies, encouragement, prayers, and receiving teaching, guidance and counselling,” says Moolman.

Johnny Louw who spoke at last year’s KMMC and who addresses church congregations, children’s events, and men’s interdenominational groups all around the country, says the KMMC has a very special anointing for empowering men to face the world as sons of God.

“The voice that comes out of the KMMC is the voice of faith, hope and love. The KMMC is a place for me to revitalise myself, serve my brothers, and enjoy the fellowship of men that have driven from as far afield as Namibia, Namaqualand, Limpopo, Gauteng and the Cape to worship God and fellowship together.

”It is an event that happens once a year during which guys get together and forget about everything else except worshipping the Lord with all of their hearts.”

The KMMC organisers invite South Africa’s men to “Draw near to God” and spend time in His presence learning of Him and waiting on Him in the stillness of the Karoo.

“We hope to lead people into a closer relationship with the Lord, which will impact on the quality of all their other relationships,” says Moolman.

For more information visit the KMMC website at www.karoommc.co.za or Facebook page at Karoommc, or contact Ruthi at info@karoommc.co.za or cell no 079 947 3566.



  1. Come 2015, then count me in!

  2. Was there in 2013 but unfortunately could not attend this year due to work responsibilities outside of the country, but most defanately on my calender for 2015, and my prayre to ABBA Father is that I will be able to attend again next year because I have so many guys to bring along and experience, as well as witness HIS works and Grace there in the Karoo. BLESSINGS and JESUSgreatings from all the fellow-brothers here in the DRC\Uganda

  3. When is the MMC Western Cape? It was said for sometime in 2015. No exact date yet. Karoo has there date again. Why? I can’t go to the Karoo, it’s far.

  4. Hallo i was there in 2011 and 2014.it was a real awesome experience and i want to thank GOD for making it posible for me to go.im praying that the LORD will spare me to be there in 2015.JESUS CHRIST washed me clean and took my cancer away.HE heald me completley.amen and all the glory goes to our LORD and SAVIOUR.

  5. Hi. Please can someone tell me if and when there will be a Mighty men conference in KZN ? 2015 Tks

  6. How do I go about making arrangements to go to MMC meetings.who do I contact?I heard of MMC and tht its a life changing experience.I would really like to go to MMC.pls comment

    • Hi Thomas, you need to pack your camp gear, some warm clothes, some chow and a full tank,then it’s……. Off you go to middleburg. Find a ⛺ spot and enjoy. Free of charge if I can remember correct.

  7. last year we had a wonderful time spending in the presence of our God, the camp ground was great, the only problem was the toilets, charge the people each R20.00 and get someone with a wap to clean the toilets as it was disgusting the way some people left the facility. other than that it was great and I will be there again this year if God’s will. thank you for a wonderful time spend in the presence of mighty men

    God Bless


  8. Almighty…God, Let your hand be upon Angus were ever U take him. Let us pray day and night for leaders in Christ. Let us never give up. For we have seen the truth threw your fruits. King of Kings, Lords of Lords. Mighty in Battle. Spirit of the Sword.

  9. Thank you for such a powerfull event, ive heard so much about it and wish to attend one soon