Time for all in SA to stand together, 28 000 believers told, at hope-filled ‘Loftus4Jesus’ event

Believers worship the King of Kings at the recent Loftus4Jesus event at Loftus Stadium in Pretoria.

More than 28 000 people worshipped the King of Kings at the Loftus stadium in Pretoria during the Loftus4Jesus event on Saturday November 11.

It was a day marked on the Christian calendar of hope and salvation.

“It is time for South Africa to stand together in this beautiful country that God gave us, to become colour blind, to see one another through the eyes of Jesus Christ,” Pastor At Boshoff from the CRC church said.

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Section of the crowd at Loftus4Jesus (PHOTO: Youtube screen grab )

The CRC music band kicked of the event with a worship session, after which Andre Venter, previously from Romanz, took to the stage. He performed a beautiful rendition of The Lord’s Prayer.

He was followed by the well-known Afrikaans singer, Robbie Wessels, who moved the crowd with his version of the Bethel Music song No longer a slave.

“I just want to let everyone know, God can lift you up when you are down,” Wessels said.

Anchor of hope
Neville Norden from the Living Word church in Brummeria, urged the crowd not to give up hope.

“Don’t let go of the rope, the Lord wants to challenge you, to pick up the rope attached to the anchor that is Jesus Christ. For He says He is our ever living eternal hope.

“God’s promises have a higher standard of truth than ours.”

Norden further preached that faith in the promises of God is an anchor in our lives.

“Let us hold on to the eternal confessions of God’s promises. But before we trust we have to listen. God has a mandate for South Africa — we are a prophetic nation and we should listen to God and no one else.”

After his powerful message, Jo Black sang his popular song, Skepe. Juanita du Plessis also took to the stage to sing some well-known worships songs.

Gretha Wiid shared a powerful message on unity.

“When lions attack they have to divide the group. We need to understand that there is power in unity, if we can conquer and not divide.

“The God we serve is still the God of Daniel. He can close the mouth of the lions. He is the God of Noah. He knows the timing and the size of the flood. If we know Him, we will understand when it is coming and prepare for it.”

She said the real struggle was to go home and live by the truths of the Bible.

“The victory is also in the cleansing process. Righteousness does not start in church, it starts in the home. It begins with relationship. If a child cannot see God in his own father, he will battle to see a Father in God,” she said.

“We will not have hope for future generations, if our children do not see it in us. We need to create and be a legacy of hope in our homes.”

Loyiso Bala sang: “You are the first and the last, You are love, beautiful love that never fails me.”

After the worship session, Pastor Boshoff preached a message on God’s love and that “without God’s love there will not be much change in our country”.

He was adamant that the future of South Africa is one of unity, where all races are included and supported to prosper.

“I truly believe we are a new generation that are ready to hear the truth.”

He said there was no hope without embracing our rainbow nation as it is.

“There is no colour in heaven. We meet one another at the feet of the cross. When you get saved you cannot be the same anymore. There is hope for our future in South Africa but we need to face the truth and make a decision.

“There is no Christianity without love. Jesus was very clear, that He came because He loved humanity, which includes us all, and does not exclude anybody.

“When the Holy Ghost comes, loves comes, and it has to change us!” He ended with a message on hope.

“God gives us a hope that does not disappoint. There can be no hope, where there is no love.”


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One Comment

  1. Pastor Boschoff had some very good words to say,and I thank him for that, however,I think unless the love of GOD is spread abroad en masse by all believers in Christ, we may fall short of our target. Love for each other, in practice, will reveal who we are in Christ for the benefit of others.