Time for Christians to make a difference, says Errol Naidoo

Errol Naidoo in Port Elizabeth yesterday.

It is time now for the Church to make a difference in South Africa by voting godly men and women into government, said Errol Naidoo in an interview in Port Elizabeth yesterday.

The Family Policy Institute founder and media personality, who earlier this year announced he will be standing for the ACDP in next year’s general election, was in the city to address a public meeting.

He said that he has addressed gatherings in all the major centres in SA over the past few months and there was “lots of buy-in” from people of all races — especially pastors — who wanted to replace corrupt politicians and self-serving parties with competent people of integrity.

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Before the last election, many Christians he had spoken to indicated they would be voting for “a stronger opposition”. Now, amidst national despondency over political corruption, he was hearing more Christians talking about a need for godly governance — “there is more of an acknowledgement that we need God”.

He said an audio recording of one of his earlier meetings — in Pretoria — had gone viral on social media and resulted in him getting many invitations to address groups. He would be speaking at forums around the country until the end of this year.

Communication campaign
He said while the ACDP had a well-deserved reputation for integrity, people did not know its policies and he was working on a major communication campaign to share the party’s position and solutions on the economy, jobs, land, reconciliation, health, education, crime, freedom of religion for all, and more.

The party had nearly 25 years of parliamentary experience and Steve Swart, one of its three MPs, was the longest-serving member of parliament’s judicial portfolio committee. Despite having had only seven MPs at its peak of representation and only three MPs for most of its life, the ACDP had “punched way above its weight”, influencing much legislation through portfolio committees. Cheryllyn Dudley MP had made parliamentary history last year by getting the first private member’s bill passed — on paternity leave.

With the help of a powerful, new, social media-management software package and a professional communications agency, they were creating a series of video clips to share the ACDP’s many achievements.

Clearly the argument that many Christians believed before the 2014 election, that a vote for a smaller party was a wasted vote, was not true, said Naidoo.

With the help of better communication, effective fundraising, and quality candidates, the ACDP’s vision was to secure 30 to 35 seats in parliament, as well as more representation in provincial legislatures.

“A stronger ACDP can definitely make a difference through godly men and women based on the word of God who want to serve Jesus Christ and not a man,” he said.

With 30 MPs the party would be represented in every portfolio committee and influence all legislation. They would also get more podium talk time to share solutions and they would have a greater budget allocation for staff to facilitate effective communication.

“The Bible says ‘select capable men…who fear God, trustworthy men who hate dishonest gain’ to lead (Exodus 18:21).

Fear of God
“I believe that’s exactly what South Africa needs. There is a lack of fear of God with people doing what they wish which is taking the nation to the brink of disaster despite its great potential.

“If godly men and women go into parliament and the provincial legislatures and say to God: ‘Use us’. I believe He will use them.”

Referring to Matthew 5:16 (In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.) Naidoo said there was an urgent need — a window of opportunity — for Christians to shine their light in many spheres, including government.

“A view that is sometimes expressed that Christians should not go into politics speaks death over the nation.

“Every born-again believer is set apart to be used by God to bring change where they are. Jesus sends us into all of society and that includes parliament.

“If all good people, led by the Spirit, who know God’s word, stay out of government, we will leave a vacuum for wicked, incompetent people.

“We can’t abandon parliament and then complain and want to leave SA. The wicked do what they do: be wicked,” he said.

He said the political reality in South Africa was not democracy, with government for the people by the people. It was government by political parties who serve their interests. What voters said did not matter. Party leaders call the shots, which was why the ANC had protected former president Jacob Zuma eight times during no confidence debates.

“We need a godly party that is about the country and not the party,” he said.

“I believe that Christians can make a difference in 2019 if they change their thinking and trust God this time.”



  1. Suzette Van Rooyen

    Errol has brought new hope for our nation and needs our prayers to fulfill this vision.

  2. I wholeheartedly support Errol Naidoo. But I think we, as so-called christians must do more than just lip service, we must get involved. So now the question arises, how do I get involved?

  3. Common Christians let’s get behind this man of God .lets unite and make a difference God Bless Exodus 18:21

  4. Elsabé van Zyl

    I’m for a godly party this time for sure! May God help us.

  5. I fully agree with Errol that we need Godly people in Parliament. And I am sure there are, and I do not mean just the few representing the ACDP. The problem is they suffer from the same disease that Christians in the workplace suffer and that is SSD. (Sarcred/Secular Divide). They have conveniently reserved their Faith to Sunday, the weekend and family. But in the “real world” they have bound themselves to the decisions of the Whips. The most valuable thing that the ACDP members could do, would be to seek these believers out and then mentor them into an understanding that they are Whole Life believers. I have plenty of material to help them to this. I have dedicated my remaining life since 2006 to do exactly that.

  6. Follow Franklin Graham campaign to pray faor nation before 2016 USA elections. See what strategy he used to get Christians to come out and vote. Trump got 80% of evangelical votes. 30 million stayed home and “trusted” God to intervene when Obama was running for President. God requires us to be pro-active!! There is “too much faith” in God and not enough works. God can only do what he can do, when we do what we can do!!. Only then will God do through us what He can do!!! Go out and vote for god fearing men!!!! That is the least we can do!! About 11milion evangelicals came out to vote in the USA 2016 elections and it made all the difference!!! Psalm 115:16

  7. Peter McGregor

    Thank you for that Mike, you have hit the nail on the head. The paradox is: Is there or can there be such a thing as a “Christian” political party; for we know that Our Father can do whatever He wants with whoever is available and the greater the odds, the better he likes it. There are many examples of this in scripture, for the Glory must always go to our Father. That fact that the opposition has proved it’s good governance in many of the major cities of this country should not be overlooked and the ACDP has seen fit to be part of the coalitions formed to make this possible in certain cases. True Christianity exists as the Kingdom of GOD here on earth only and not in the kingdom of this world.
    May the LORD Himself bless you and encourage you in the work that you are doing. Unfortunately too many believers are waiting to see things happen rather than to make thins happen. Blessings from your Brother in Tarka.

  8. Amen & Amen its time for the church to arise from her slumber and take her stand. We are in agreement with Errol and spreading the word.
    Righteous men should lead our beautiful land.

  9. It’s time that we take our place and trust Our Heavenly Father to bring the change through His people. Let us be the change. We are a people of power.

  10. Joanne and I have been involved with the ACDP over the past 15 years and with Pastor Errol Naidoo coming on board has brought a massive wind of change and all of the Christian’s we have been speaking to recently have bought in to the new look of the ACDP and have started joining the party. The wind of change is now blowing across South Africa.

  11. In total agreement with Errol. Let the Josephs and Daniels arise, and may the Gideon army become stronger than ever before through the ACDP and become a voice for God’s principles to be enacted to bring an end to the crime, corruption and every other evil as we take back the territory and bring prosperity in every sense, to our nation. We say enough is enough now… Let God arise and His enemies be scattered. May our children be safe and as many generations that may follow, of every culture and creed, dwell in a land of righteousness and honor, as men and women stand together in unity, love and power, to rectify the wrongs of the past. God needs a voice to activate His intention for our nation… A plan which is not to harm us, but one with hope for the future for all

  12. Errol must be the party leader. Acdp leaderdhip must change first

  13. it is important that Christians should get involved more and more because all the other secular political parties are demonstrating that they are not capable of upholding godly values at all.

  14. Child of God it’s time to arise and stand as one in unity.

  15. Marianne Lotter

    I felt so encouraged by Errol’s talk. Our city is feeling the strain of weak leadership and with the Coalition Government’s confusion we, the ACDP, needed to be encouraged.
    Errol’s fresh approach & experience is stirring up new hope.
    And, yes, the ACDP’s strugglles are real because good, Bible believing people did not get behind us!

  16. Amen , we need our country to be run according to Gods plan , will and purpose in order for each one of us to live in harmony and in Gods full promises for every citizen of South Africa .

  17. Clive duPlessis

    Amen PastorErrolwe supportyour veiw

  18. I am inagreement with ccma.ACDP leadership must be changed first.We need strong leaders and not puppets.

  19. I am excited as its always been my prayer to see godly leaders arise. God fearing leadership will make all the difference. I stand in agreement believers need to come together & realise we need to support the godly leaders arising, We will definitely see God’s hand move in our country. God is for us he will continue to push back strongholds, he needs our hands,hearts & minds to take the steps in faith & move into action. We are on the winning team & i pray more believers will see significance of chosing wisely the values our country should be governed by. Will always support the christian party & trust God for good representation as his ambassador. I know we are on the right team!!!

  20. I Believe we can make the change, but we need to stand together. I am in for this. let’s take back our country. integrity in our government must return and that’s up to us, the church of Jesus Christ. We are behind you, Errol Naidoo.