Township pastors say Mighty Men is for ALL men

Mighty Network
Ina Murison-McGowan, Chair Lady / Team Captain of Mighty Men Western Cape, presents a small MMC Karoo information book-marker / flyer to the President of the Great Commission Network, Arron Makili. Some of the other pastors and ministers from the network pose with them.

Leaders of a network of 60 churches predominantly from Cape Flats townships want all men to know for certain that Mighty Men Conferences are not just for white men but for all men.

The Great Commission Network recently invited Western Cape Mighty Men leaders Ina Murison-McGowan and Piperjames McGowan to a morning meeting and surprised them by disclosing that some of the network leaders present had actually attended the Mighty Men Conference on Angus Buchan’s farm, Shalom, in KwaZulu-Natal in 2010 and the MMC at Paarl in 2011.

Colour blind
Piperjames, MMWC Public Relations, reports that the Chairman of the network, Simon Motaung, stated that a misonception of Mighty Men being just for white brothers has to be made known, and that all men from all backgrounds, position in society and colour are welcome to Mighty Men Conferences. Piperjames adds: “There never was a colour issue. Mighty Men, as Uncle Angus states regularly, are colour blind!”

May we all stand united in Jesus Christ, no matter who we are and where we are from,” said Arron Makili, President of the Great Commission Network, as he and Reverend Rich Mbule were each presented with a Mighty Men Tartan scarf. All members of the network were also given bookmarks and a free copy of The Cloth, a book about the Mighty Men Tartan and how to use it as a tool in ministry work.

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The McGowans gave those present a verbal presentation on what Mighty Men is all about and all actively encouraged the men to go to the Karoo MMC in Middleberg from April 29 to May, as a foretaste  to what they, the Western Cape Communities, can expect at the Mighty Men Western Cape in Malmesbury from September 23 to 25, 2016.

Women at the gathering were informed about the Ruth Conference that will take place for ladies when the Mighty Men Western Cape is taking place. The ladies responded with great enthusiasm.

More details about the Karoo MMC are available by calling 082 857 7839 or via the website at

Mighty Men Western Cape info is available at or number 082 850 4559 / 082 575 8862 0r website:

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Western Cape Ruth Conference info can be obtained by calling Ruth Marietjie on 074 411 5711 or at the website


  1. Angelique Van Der Walt

    Off course it’s for all men. Why is this even an issue?

    • HaHa Angelique. You are of course quite right.

      But your comment also suggests you don’t live in SA — or at least the one in which race and racism is a big deal for many and colours the way they look at everything.

      It is therefore good, sometimes, to put the ‘obvious’ on record and open the door for much needed reconciliation with God and between men.