Tracey Peterson – In Places Hidden: Book review

Book Review by Val Viljoen

Tracey Peterson is an award-winning author of over 100 books, many of which are historical novels.

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In Places Hidden is set in the San Francisco of 1905. It is a city fraught with political corruption, as well as the social evils associated with dance halls and bigotry towards emigrants, in particular the Irish and Chinese, both of which form sizeable but struggling communities.

Camri, Judith and Kenzie arrive in this city together, having met on the train. Each has a specific agenda which has brought her to San Francisco. Camri has come to search for her brother Caleb who has been missing for 3 months. She soon meets Patrick Murdoch, who Caleb defended on a murder charge. Camri goes through many transforming experiences and by the end of the book has mellowed somewhat in her opinions regarding the high value she placed on being an educated woman.

Of course there is the inevitable romance with a feel-good ending. This novel is the first in the Golden Gate Series. The other two books deal more specifically with Judith and Kenzie respectively, continuing with themes established in In Places Hidden.

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