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On Tuesday February at 8pm, “Watchmen on the Wall” on TBN Africa will feature the Opening of Parliament, President Zuma’s State of the Nation Address and responses from political leaders.

Opposition party leaders appear upbeat about the prospect of the ANC losing significant support in the 2014 General Elections. Genuine multi-party democracy may soon become a reality in SA.

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A photo of DA leader, Helen Zille being “blessed” by a Sangoma is doing the rounds on the internet. My suspicions were aroused when I noticed the date of the article – April 1, 2010.

I checked the authenticity of the photo and article with Zille’s staff. It turned out to be a hoax. There are many “warnings” to Christians doing the email rounds – most of which are hoaxes.

What is not a fake however, is the DA led Western Cape Governments policy on private education.
The W/Cape Education Department’s (WCED) policy on home-schooling was withdrawn recently after the Pestalozzi Trust alerted citizens about unconstitutional enforcement of “national values.”

According to Leendert Van Oostrum, of the Pestalozzi Trust, both the ANC and DA policies on private education are unconstitutional because it prescribes the “National Curriculum Statement.”

Van Oostrum warns “the WCED’S Policy is more worrying.” The DA provincial gov’t prescribes standards of education, content, and imposes liberal ideological values on private schools.

More disturbing is the bizarre policy that students must be promoted to a higher grade after three years irrespective of educational improvement – which ensures quantity not quality.

The W/Cape Education Department policy also enforces the National Curriculum on private educational institutions – which transforms private schools into self-funded public schools.

Private and home-schooling generally produces significantly better results than public education institutions. The policy appears to lower private education standards to public education levels.

Liberal governments in the US and Europe also discourage private education and home-schooling – especially Christian based private education. The humanist agenda to indoctrinate students with radical feminist and sexual rights ideology is not possible outside the public education system.

Liberal administrations that are subservient to the United Nations “sexual rights” global agenda must impose liberal humanistic ideology on all students – to subvert the Biblical value system.

Bible-based education is the only bulwark against a flood of godless humanist ideology currently infiltrating our education system. This ideology is destroying once great nations in Europe.

Standards in the public education system have plummeted over the past decade. There are many public educators doing a great job. However, government ideology undermines their good work.

You and I have a God-given responsibility to train our children to honour and obey the Lord. You must not therefore surrender your children to the godless ideology of secular humanists.

The public school classroom and the university lecture room have become the ideological battlefields of our time. Most education today includes large chunks of humanist propaganda.

Please take an uncompromising stand against both the ANC and DA government’s attempts to impose liberal secular humanist ideology on your children through the education system.


Errol Naidoo

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  1. Margaret Ferguson

    Allow me to make a comment as a retired education professional with regard to the matter of not allowing children to be kept back for more than 3 years. I was a teacher in the UK and also specialised in Education in regional politics. We educate the whole child if we are doing a sound job and that means the physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual. Keeping a child back from their peer group can certainly be damaging to their emotional development and if their failure is attributable to poor home circumstances, then the problem is exacerbated . As far as their interllectaul progress is concerned they need support staff so that the child who is showing signs of failure has the extra help and that is needed as soon as the intellectual problems are recognised.Personally I am horrified that a child can be kept back for as much as 3 years at school