Turning hearts to God over election season

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JULY 14 PRAYER CARD  — Jericho Walls International Prayer Network has prepared 20 Prayer Cards that can be used as Whatsapp or Facebook messages from July 14 to August  2 2016. They invite Christians to use the cards to pray with them and to send the prayers out to other Christians. CLICK HERE to download the prayer cards and prayer guidelines.
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With less than three weeks to go to the hotly contested local government elections on August 3, Christians throughout South Africa are responding with various initiatives aimed at turning hearts to God during the run-up to and on polling day.

Gateway News brings you the latest news on some of the initiatives that have been brought to our attention. This is not a full roundup of Christian responses to the elections — and we invite anybody with news of other responses anywhere in SA to send us updates (to news@gatewaynews.co.za) which we will publish in next week’s news.

Nelson Mandela Bay Christians going big!

Christians and churches in Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage and Despatch) are collaborating on some creative responses to the upcoming elections — including mobilising an ambitious plan to organise 24-hour prayer chains covering all 334 polling stations in the metro. Transformation Christian Network prayer coordinator Pastor Joan Keeling who is heading up the campaign sent us this report:

We have already had a very healthy response to our request for Congregations, from all different denominations and church movements, to run 24 hr Chains of Prayer – that will concentrate on the Polling Stations nearest them. This is not a political move.

The Prayer Initiative and Pointers emphasise prayer relating to peaceful elections, the polling stations opening punctually, the ballot papers arriving on time; no ballot papers being lost, no violent or destructive behaviour at these polling points and South Africans voting responsibly and according to their consciences and their values.

We have an anchor congregation that has taken the responsibility in the majority of the wards , but we would like to see every congregation in the Bay adopting the polling station nearest to their church meeting place. The chains of prayer – made up of ½ hr or 1 hour prayer slots — are to run from 19: 00 on Tuesday August 2 to 19:00 on Wednesday August  3 2016. As a safety precaution, the prayer chain coordinators are advised to encourage those doing the late evening slots, to rather pray from home, than to visit a venue in the dark hours of the night.

Congregations desiring to participate in this initiative are asked to register by contacting Joan – by sms or whatsapp on: 084 7662270 or emailing her at: joan@tcn.org.za

In response, these congregations will receive a prayer pamphlet and some extra prayer guidelines.

Prayer guidelines (in Afrikaans and English) for the campaign as well as useful background information is available at: https://gatewaynews.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/NMB-Prayer-Pointers-Local-Government-Elections-EglishAfrikaans.pdf

Jessica Spronk of PE Burn 24/7 sent us this report on plans for a 24-hour worship and prayer event starting on the eve of the elections — as well as news on a 24-hour burn event in Cape Town at the end of the month:


BURN 24/7 is excited to announce that our next 24-hour worship and prayer event will be taking place on Tuesday, August 2 at 7pm and will run for 24 hours, ending on Wednesday, August 3 at 7pm at Greenacres Presbyterian Church.

The cry of this Burn will be for God to have His way in our nation and over our land as we worship before and throughout the local government elections happening across South Africa. We believe that there is nothing more powerful than the sound of sons and daughters, across all denominations and generations, resounding in the streets of Port Elizabeth. These events are never about various churches, worship preferences or the entertainment, but rather about His Kingdom coming to Earth as we go after His glory.

During this time of uncertainty regarding the future of our government and leadership , we believe that incorporating times of prayer is vital in focusing our hearts and minds on the upcoming changes across our city and nation. Joan Keeling, one of our city’s fearless intercessors will be coordinating prayer stations across the city and will also be running with various intercession slots though out the 24-hour Burn. If you have a prayer on your heart for our nation that needs to be released, please contact Joan on joan@tcn.org.za.

One of the recent additions to our Burn team has been JP Flugel of Fusion Sports Ministry. Fusion Sports will be coordinating social volleyball and rugby tournaments on Wednesday, August 3, at Greenacres Presbyterian Church. Feel free to come along, whether you’re alone or if you have a team, and have some fun! Braai facilities will also be available for families who would like to worship, pray, picnic and socialise after making their mark at the polling stations. For more information regarding the Fusion Sports Ministry, please contact JP on jpflugel@gmail.com.

If you would like to get involved from a worship perspective, please feel free to contact Jessica Spronk on jessicajaninespronk@gmail.com. We are trusting for worshippers and worship teams, mixed or from a specific church, who are passionate about His Kingdom and relentless in their pursuit of Heaven on Earth! Not only will the whole of Port Elizabeth be burning for change, but there will also be another 24-hour Burn event happening in Cape Town on Friday, 29 July through to Saturday, 30 July. To connect with the Cape Town Burn team, contact Sheldon on sheldonk@theburn247.com.

We believe that the hand of God will rest on the unity of His people. We encourage all believers, all churches, all city leadership and pastoral leaders in the city to make a concerted effort to attend and stand together in prayer and worship.

For more information regarding the event or if you would like to share the activities with your friends, family or church, join our Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1219078831481725/

Marcelle Prinsloo sent us info and a promo video clip (see below) about an election prayer event on the Shark Rock Pier, PE:

I am very excited to send you this prayer invitation!!!

We will be praying for South Africa and for the upcoming elections on the 31st of July, 16:00 at the Pier. It will be wonderful if you could spread the word. You are also more then welcome to share this video.

Hope to see you there!!!

See the video below — or view it on the Power Prayer Facebook page.

SA Back To God Fasting and Prayer Campaign

Janet Brann Hollis of Johannesburg-based Ruach Ministries and SA Back to God (SABTG) reports that since 2014 she has become involved in prayer and fasting for SA in obedience to many words given to her by renowned prophets. She is working with a team of SA prophets who are hearing God for strategic monthly prayer points which are posted on the SAbacktoGod Facebook page.

SABTG has set aside July as a month of fasting and prayer for the elections and has called on church groups to make Sunday, July 31 a day of fasting and prayer for the elections.

“Can you imagine the power of unity, when the church gathers in various locations and dedicates this day to praying for our elections,” she said.

She sent us the following encouraging testomonies on prayer-wrought breakthroughs in various nations:

In 1963, the legitimately elected government of Kenya was under threat from the communists through a military take over. Leaders began to fast and pray and God divinely intervened and the nation’s government was preserved.

The intercessors of Romania tell of how GOD led them to pray and fast, for their general elections in 2014. God gave strategy against the powers of darkness. It is reported opposition candidate, Klaus Iohannis, was 10% behind the corrupt President, Victor Ponta and that in the afternoon somehow miraculously thousands of young people appeared at the polls, and voted for Iohannis. Iohannis, in his presidential speech vowed to change politics and said: “Another kind of Romania is beginning”

United States:
Abraham Lincoln, regarded as one of the shrewdest and most enlightened politicians of all time, made a proclamation over the United States, acknowledging the overruling power of God, in the affairs of men and nations. It indicates that behind the political, economic, and military forces of history, there are divine spiritual laws at work. He acknowledges that by submitting to these laws a nation may change its destiny, averting threatened disaster and regaining true peace and prosperity. The proclamation sets forth one specific, practical way in which a nation may invoke “the overruling power of God” – that is, by united prayer and fasting.

She also sent the following quote by Cindy Jacobs of Generals  International, on intercession –

“It’s not the government’s responsibility to change our nation. Legislation won’t change our nation. Violence won’t change our nation. It is oue responsibility to be the salt and the light. We are called to be reconcilers.

“It is salt that restrains the process of corruption, salt will not halt the process of corruption but will restrain it, in order that God may have his way in our nation.”

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  1. Very necessary. We look to the Power of God, and not mankind’s puny efforts that often end in conflict -verbal or worse.