UK mother refuses cancer therapy to give birth to twins

Becky Anderson with her twin boys, Preslee and Buddy (PHOTO: The Sun).

Originally published in The Gospel Herald

This is the story of a mother’s love. A love that ultimately surpassed regard for her own life. When Becky Anderson learned May of last year that she was carrying twins, she was overjoyed. In a cruel turn of events, however, she also discovered that she had cervical cancer. Her doctor urged her to have a hysterectomy as well as an abortion, but the 35-year-old mother refused. Anderson expressed her response with incredible rawness and emotional sincerity:

“I’d gone from being on top of the world to being in the depths of despair, worrying whether I was going to actually survive. At first, I refused to believe the results. It was really hard to take in — discovering you’re pregnant and have cancer at the same time. I just held my mum and cried. I knew I needed to survive for the sake of my children. There was no way I was leaving them.”

She denied the hysterectomy on grounds that such a procedure would claim the lives of her precious twin boys, as well as her fertility.

“They wanted to give me a hysterectomy the following week but I was adamant I would not have an abortion. A hysterectomy would mean I’d be left infertile so this was my last chance to have children.”

At thirty weeks into her pregnancy, a caesarean section was performed; both children were delivered, healthy and energetic. The pain, coupled with the anxiety of the prior weeks, left Becky bedridden and unable to care for her twins in the days following the birth. She also finally had a hysterectomy. She expressed the subsided pain, however, in simply enjoying her new-borns:

“I was exhausted and in agony but when they were placed on my chest, I breathed in their scent and just couldn’t believe they were here.”

Now, six months later, the Anderson family is happy and awaiting further test results as to Becky’s cancer-status. Meanwhile, the brave and beaming mother assures spectators that she in no way regrets her decision against chemo and abortion. On the contrary, she communicates only sheer delight and relief in her actions:

“I wouldn’t change it for the world,” she insisted, “They are an absolute joy and I love them very much.”

Mrs Anderson’s true story is a testimony — a reminder that our Christian conduct should never rely on the outcome. Whatever the end of the matter, no regret can compare to the guilt of compromise or transgression.


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