UK MP invites colleagues to knock on door to know more about Christ

UK MP Nick Fletcher speaks in Parliament about the importance of the Christian faith in the life of the nation

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Nick Fletcher, the Conservative MP for Don Valley, recently took a stand in Parliament to underscore the importance of the Christian faith to the UK’s spiritual life.  

He used the Easter Parliamentary debate last Thursday to encourage his colleagues to actively promote Christianity within society. 

“We celebrate on Easter Sunday the resurrection of Christ, giving us not just a God but a living God to believe in, to worship, to help us and to make us right with him, with the promise of eternal life. What a wonderful gift”, he said

Fletcher also addressed the erosion of Christian values in society, cautioning against the dangers of forsaking faith, saying: “Sadly, when mankind removes God from the equation, mankind resorts to its base nature…” 

He added: “If the teachings of the Christian way of life are slowly eroded, which I believe they have been, I am afraid that each generation will fall further away from our God. Life can and will definitely get worse for us all,” Fletcher added.  

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Fletcher also called on his fellow MPs and the Department for Leveling Up, Housing and Communities to champion Christianity and its foundational values of “forgiveness, love, and mutual support”.  

Reflecting on his personal faith journey, Fletcher shared his testimony: “I know that I am a sinner… but 15 years ago I gave my life to Jesus forever… I want all the world to know that Jesus loves them too. 

“I want the people of this nation to fix their eyes on Heaven, not on themselves or their earthly desires. I want them to believe in a living God, not fashionable ideologies”. 

Fletcher concluded his speech with a call to action for both the government and citizens: “This Easter will our government promote celebrating what Christ did for us on the cross?  

“Please, if anyone wants to know more about Christ, come and knock on my door. I would love to tell as many people as possible about Him”. 

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